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  • Meyer Berger s New York

    Meyer Berger’s New York
    Meyer Berger

    "Mike Berger was one of the great reporters of our day . . . he was a master of the color story, the descriptive narrative of sights and sounds-of a parade, an eclipse, a homicidal maniac running amok . . . or just a thunderstorm that broke …

  • Radical Gestures

    Radical Gestures
    Jayne Wark

    Wark brings together a wide range of artists, including Lisa Steele, Martha Rosler, Lynda Benglis, Gillian Collyer, Margaret Dragu, and Sylvie Tourangeau, and provides detailed readings and viewings of individual pieces, many of which have …

  • Christians in the Movies

    Christians in the Movies
    Peter E. Dans

    This book explores this shift through in-depth reviews and commentaries on 100 important films, as well as briefer discussions of about 75 additional Christian-themed films.

  • The London Stage 1930 1939

    The London Stage 1930-1939
    J. P. Wearing

    This is a day-by-day calendar of plays produced at the major London theatres from January 1, 1930 to December 31, 1939.

  • Technical Theater for Nontechnical People

    Technical Theater for Nontechnical People
    Drew Campbell

    This book teaches: Who’s who on a theatrical production team What is needed to know about technical theater and why What to look for when choosing a space for a show How to communicate with lighting, scenery, audio, and costume designers …

  • The New Comedy Writing Step by Step

    The New Comedy Writing Step by Step
    Gene Perret

    "Perret covers all aspects of comedy writing in his uniquely knowledgeable and anecdotal fashion."–Provided by publisher.

  • Prime Time Animation

    Prime Time Animation
    Carol Stabile

    This fascinating book explores the landscape of television animation, from Bedrock to Springfield, and beyond.

  • Of Borders and Thresholds

    Of Borders and Thresholds
    Michal Kobialka

    This is the task undertaken by the authors of this volume, the first to apply the lexicon and concepts of border theory to theatre history and performance theory.

  • The Pleasure and Pain of Cult Horror Films

    The Pleasure and Pain of Cult Horror Films
    Bartłomiej Paszylk

    Beginning with Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage in 1921, this book tracks the evolution and influence of underground cult horror over the ensuing decades, closing with William Winckler’s Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood …

  • Rock Hudson

    Rock Hudson
    John Mercer

    In this essential critical guide to Hudson's career, John Mercer reassesses his star persona and performance style to reveal a more complex star identity than has hitherto been understood.

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