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  • Cinema Studies

    Cinema Studies
    Susan Hayward

    This is the essential guide for anyone interested in film. Now in its second edition, the text has been completely revised and expanded to meet the needs of today's students and film enthusiasts.

  • On the Waterfront

    On the Waterfront
    Budd Schulberg

    The story of stevedores sweating and dying for a corrupt, Mob-run union, and one former boxer’s quixotic fight for dignity, stands among the most iconic narratives of American cinema.

  • Lacombe Lucien

    Lacombe Lucien
    Louis Malle, Patrick Modiano

    Patrick Modiano and Louis Malle’s screenplay for the Oscar-nominated film tells a powerful story set in World War II France of a seventeen-year-old boy who allies himself with collaborators, only to fall in love with a Jewish girl This …

  • Make Believe in Film and Fiction

    Make Believe in Film and Fiction
    K. Kroeber

    Kroeber shows how fiction evokes morally inflected imagining, and how movies reveal through magnification of human movements and expression subjective effects of complex social changes.

  • Equal Chances

    Equal Chances
    Is Said

    Najiyyah Muqtasid-Denham-Actress/Director “Equal Chances in a wonderful collection of plays written by Is Said. This book paints a vivid portrait of us all through the authors captivating voice.

  • Guiones modelo y modelos de gui n

    Guiones modelo y modelos de guión
    Francis Vanoye

    A pesar de los manuales, el guion cinematografico es una forma viva, en perpetuo devenir.

  • La adaptaci n

    La adaptación
    Frédéric Subouraud

    La adaptación de obras literarias en películas es un tema fundamental para entender el lugar que ocupa hoy el cine y para reflejar dos prácticas conocidas y distintas: la del lector y la del espectador.

  • The Peace Treaty

    The Peace Treaty
    J. Donald Walters

    Written in the spirit of Shakespeare, this is a poetic, profound, and humorous dramatic play reflects the tension of our own times and offers a solution: If we want peace on earth, expansion of our consciousness from selfish to sympathetic …

  • A Letter For Adorabella

    A Letter For Adorabella
    Michael F. Corriere

    When Adorabella states: "If love denied can break a heart, perhaps love received can mend it," she is contemplating the eternal question of life: where does happiness lie?

  • Victory

    Athol Fugard

    CRADLE AND ALL is a smart, pitch-perfect play that is a cut-to-the-bone look at how babies can expose secrets their parents want hidden.

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