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  • On the Waterfront

    On the Waterfront
    Budd Schulberg

    The story of stevedores sweating and dying for a corrupt, Mob-run union, and one former boxer’s quixotic fight for dignity, stands among the most iconic narratives of American cinema.

  • Scriptwriting for the Screen

    Scriptwriting for the Screen
    Charlie Moritz

    'If I was setting out as a screenwriter, this is the book I would read first and keep by me'– Melanie Harris, Producer, Crosslab Productions 'An excellent resource for students and teachers alike'– In the Picture '…a valuable addition …

  • Lacombe Lucien

    Lacombe Lucien
    Louis Malle, Patrick Modiano

    Patrick Modiano and Louis Malle’s screenplay for the Oscar-nominated film tells a powerful story set in World War II France of a seventeen-year-old boy who allies himself with collaborators, only to fall in love with a Jewish girl This …

  • The City on the Edge of Forever

    The City on the Edge of Forever
    Harlan Ellison

    Presented here as Ellison originally intended it to be filmed, this published teleplay of The City on the Edge of Forever remains a masterpiece of speculative fiction, and a prime example of his uncanny ability to present humanity with all …

  • Analyzing Literature to Film Adaptations

    Analyzing Literature-to-Film Adaptations
    Mary H. Snyder

    The book also is written for high school and college instructors who teach film adaptations in the classroom.

  • Writing for TV and Radio

    Writing for TV and Radio
    Sue Teddern, Nick Warburton

    PART 3 offers practical advice on technical aspects of writing for TV and radio including character development, structure and dialogue.

  • Guiones modelo y modelos de gui n

    Guiones modelo y modelos de guión
    Francis Vanoye

    A pesar de los manuales, el guion cinematografico es una forma viva, en perpetuo devenir.

  • British Television Drama

    British Television Drama
    J. Bignell, S. Lacey

    Featuring leading scholars of British television drama and noted writers and producers from the television industry, this new edition of British Television Drama evaluates past and present TV fiction since the 1960s, and considers its …

  • Leaving Las Vegas

    Leaving Las Vegas
    Mike Figgis

    In the words of David Thompson of Los Angeles Magazine, Leaving Las Vegas is a masterpiece. Best Actor Oscar (R) winner Nicolas Cage and Best Actress nominee Elisabeth Shue set the screen ablaze in this profoundly moving love story.

  • La adaptaci n

    La adaptación
    Frédéric Subouraud

    La adaptación de obras literarias en películas es un tema fundamental para entender el lugar que ocupa hoy el cine y para reflejar dos prácticas conocidas y distintas: la del lector y la del espectador.

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