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  • Creative Storytelling

    Creative Storytelling
    Jack Zipes

    Describes classroom storytelling and outlines the process for teachers to follow, and includes variations of fairy tales

  • Finger Rhymes for Manners

    Finger Rhymes for Manners
    Lily Erlic

    Poetry is valuable for stimulating the young child’s brain growth.

  • Delitto agli albori della storia

    Delitto agli albori della storia
    Rosanna Picotti

    Seguiremo con lui l'avvincente racconto di antichi delitti e di vicende che hanno cambiato la storia di un antichissimo impero. Rosanna Picotti nasce a Spoleto e vive a Roma da moltissimo tempo. Ha fatto studi artistici.

  • Storytelling

    Carmine Gallo

    Repleto de histórias reais, Storytelling – Aprenda a Contar Histórias com Steve Jobs, Papa Francisco, Churchill e Outras Lendas da Liderança transformará você em um contador de histórias.

  • Le inquietudini del cuore

    Le inquietudini del cuore

    Ci sono tanti motivi per cui si scrive.

  • The Princess Bride and Philosophy

    The Princess Bride and Philosophy
    Richard Greene, Rachel Robison-Greene

    Could the actions of the masked man in black truly be inconceivable even though real? What does ethics have to say about Miracle Max’s pricing policy? How many shades of meaning can be conveyed by “As You Wish”?

  • Crash Course in Storytelling Volume 388

    Crash Course in Storytelling, Volume 388
    Kendall F. Haven, MaryGay Ducey

    A guide for librarians discusses a variety of techniques to engage young listeners and make stories interesting and exciting, including such topics as how to encourage audience participation and how to choose a story.

  • The Theatre of the Absurd

    The Theatre of the Absurd
    Martin Esslin

    In 1961, Martin Esslin gave a name to the phenomenon in his groundbreaking study of these playwrights who dramatized the absurdity at the core of the human condition.

  • Experiencing Spirituality

    Experiencing Spirituality
    Ernest Kurtz, Katherine Ketcham

    A great master once said, “The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.” In Experiencing Spirituality, Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham take readers on a journey through storytelling as a means of self-discovery.

  • Tellings and Texts

    Tellings and Texts
    Francesca Orsini, Katherine Butler Schofield

    By doing so this book sheds light into theoretical issues of more general significance, such as textual versus oral norms; the features of oral performance and improvisation; the role of the text in performance; the aesthetics and social …

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