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  • Too Bold for the Box Office

    Too Bold for the Box Office
    Cynthia J. Miller

    This collection of essays on films, television programming, and new media illustrates common threads running across cultures and eras and attempts to answer sweeping existential questions about the nature of social life and the human …

  • CSI

    Derek Kompare

    The book Examines CSI as an important example of contemporary popular television, exploring its formal and narrative style, and its impact on media culture Provides a model for studying how genre, narrative, industry concerns, and the broad …

  • Sensing the City Through Television

    Sensing the City Through Television
    Peter Billingham

    This is suitable for accommodation into the popular academic courses on drama and film/media studies both as a textbook and for supplementary reading.

  • I Got the Show Right Here

    I Got the Show Right Here
    Cy Feuer

    A legendary producer–the last of the theater's great showmen–shares a rare inside look at what life was really like during the heyday of Broadway musicals. of photos.

  • The Tube Has Spoken

    The Tube Has Spoken
    Julie Taddeo

    This collection of essays looks at a wide spectrum of shows airing from the 1950s to the present, addressing some of the most popular programs including Alan Funt’s Candid Camera, Big Brother, Wife Swap, Kid Nation, and The Biggest Loser.

  • Time in Television Narrative

    Time in Television Narrative
    Melissa Ames

    This collection analyzes twenty-first-century American television programs that rely upon temporal and narrative experimentation.

  • Third Wave Feminism and Television

    Third Wave Feminism and Television
    Merri Lisa Johnson

    The sexual politics of television culture is the territory covered by this book – the first to demonstrate the ways in which third wave feminist television studies approaches and illuminates mainstream TV. The book offers an exuberant and …

  • Local Hollywood

    Local Hollywood
    Ben Goldsmith, Susan Ward, Tom O’Regan

    The pioneering story of Australia's own Hollywood. Hollywood films and television programs are watched by a global audience.

  • When Television was Young

    When Television was Young
    Paul Rutherford

    He focuses on three key aspects of the story.

  • Nationalist Myths and Modern Media

    Nationalist Myths and Modern Media
    Jan Herman Brinks, Edward Timms, Stella Rock

    Nationalist Myths and the Modern Media addresses these questions from a variety of angles, exploring topics ranging from the War on Terror to Holocaust denial, from the "sanctity" of Rasputin to the "martyrdom" of Rudolf Hess.

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