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  • The Proust Screenplay

    The Proust Screenplay
    Harold Pinter, Joseph Losey, Barbara Bray

    Presents the author's never-produced screenplay of Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past," created with the collaboration of director Joseph Losey and Proust scholar Barbara Bray over the course of one year in the early 1970s.

  • Third Wave Feminism and Television

    Third Wave Feminism and Television
    Merri Lisa Johnson

    Jane Puts It in a Box

  • Television

    Alexander B. Magoun

    Explores the history of television, discussing its initial conception, technological changes over the years, and the development of cable television and videotapes.

  • Television News and the Elderly

    Television News and the Elderly
    Michael L. Hilt

    Hilt questions general managers and news directors in regards to the elderly and their issues and compares their attitudes with those of other occupational groups.

  • Stephen King on the Small Screen

    Stephen King on the Small Screen
    Mark Browning

    A follow up to "Stephen King on the Big Screen" (2009), this title looks at the much-neglected subject of the best-selling author's work in television, examining what it is about King's fiction that makes it particularly suitable for the …

  • Billion Dollar Kiss

    Billion-Dollar Kiss
    Jeffrey Stepakoff

    When Jeffrey Stepakoff was graduating with an MFA in playwriting, he imagined a life in the New York theater, wearing a beret and smoking clove cigarettes.

  • So Anyway

    So, Anyway…
    John Cleese

    Candid and brilliantly funny, this is the story of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend.

  • Sisikat Din Ako

    Sisikat Din Ako
    Noel D. Ferrer

    Readers can easily personalize this book by writing and doodling on the pages as well as by coloring the illustrations that adorn the pages.

  • I Watch Therefore I Am

    I Watch, Therefore I Am
    Gregory Bergman, Peter Archer

    Surveys the principles and systems of prominent philosophers throughout history by using television programs and characters as illustrations of their beliefs.

  • Revisiting Mister Rogers Neighborhood

    Revisiting Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
    Kathy Merlock Jackson, Steven M. Emmanuel

    Yet despite the show's lasting impact it has been largely ignored by scholars. This collection of new essays focuses on Rogers' contribution to children's lives and media and to American culture.

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