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  • Theatre Histories

    Theatre Histories
    Bruce McConachie, Tobin Nellhaus, Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei, Tamara Underiner

    Further new features and key updates to this third edition include: A dedicated chapter on historiography New, up to date, case studies Enhanced and reworked historical, cultural and political timelines, helping students to place each …

  • Scenes and Monologues for Young Actors

    Scenes and Monologues for Young Actors
    Kent R. Brown

    Provides a variety of monologues, scenes, and audition pieces along with tips on interpreting a scene and character portrayal.

  • A History of the Concerto

    A History of the Concerto
    Michael Thomas Roeder

    This guide to the concerto consists of four parts corresponding to the major periods of music-baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century-through which the concerto evolved.

  • Antigone de Jean Anouilh Analyse de l Å uvre

    Antigone de Jean Anouilh (Analyse de l’Å“uvre)
    Alain Sable, René Henri, lePetitLitté,

    Le PetitLitté est reconnu d'intérêt pédagogique par le ministère de l'Éducation. Plus d'informations sur

  • Technical Theater for Nontechnical People

    Technical Theater for Nontechnical People
    Drew Campbell

    This book teaches: Who’s who on a theatrical production team What is needed to know about technical theater and why What to look for when choosing a space for a show How to communicate with lighting, scenery, audio, and costume designers …

  • Shakespeare s Clown

    Shakespeare’s Clown
    David Wiles

    Focusing on the clown Will Kemp, this book shows how Shakespeare and other dramatists wrote specific roles as vehicles for him.

  • The Scene Book

    The Scene Book
    Sandra Scofield

    A treasure-trove of scene-writing wisdom from award-winning author and teacher Sandra Scofield To write a good scene, you have to know the following: • Every scene has an EVENT • Every scene has a FUNCTION in the narrative • Every …

  • L Avaro


    Cura e traduzione di Luigi SquarzinaEdizione integrale con testo francese a fronteQuesta commedia, concepita nel 1668, è indubbiamente fra le più famose di Molière. «L’Avaro, in cui il vizio distrugge ogni pietà che unisce il padre …

  • Crowd and Rumour in Shakespeare

    Crowd and Rumour in Shakespeare
    Kai Wiegandt

    Offers new interpretations of Shakespeare's works in the context of two major contemporary notions of collectivity: the crowd & rumour.

  • Theatre Performance and Technology

    Theatre, Performance and Technology
    Christopher Baugh

    Chris Baugh explores how developments and changes in technology have been reflected in scenography throughout history.

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