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  • Way of the Cat

    Way of the Cat
    Dana Kramer-Rolls

    "The Way of the Cat is packed with fun tips, exercises, cat stories, and food for thought–all drawn from the blissful lives cats lead every day.

  • For the Love of a Cat

    For the Love of a Cat
    David St John Thomas

    This is a book for everyone who really cares about cats. Vividly written, sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted, anyone who has fallen for a cat, however much against their better judgement, is bound to find it uplifting.

  • 5 Short Cat Tales

    5 Short Cat Tales
    Erik Norman Swiger, Mamie Swiger K.L.

    Included here are two stories written by other authors, that he edited. These stories are presented for their entertainment value, but it is also hoped that the readers will find something useful to make their cats happy.

  • Wilbur s Story

    Wilbur’s Story
    Lany Williams

    And he doesn't appreciate being named after a pig. Told from the perspective of this mischievous feline, Wilbur's Story follows the tales and adventures of Wilbur as he settles into life with author Lany Williams.

  • La filosofia del gatto

    La filosofia del gatto
    Salvatore Patriarca

    La filosofia, la De Filippi e la televisione; Adesso Renzi. I pensieri del rottamatore; The Walking Dead o il male dentro e, con la Newton Compton, Sono romanista e La filosofia del gatto.

  • Iris Grace

    Iris Grace
    Arabella Carter-Johnson

    The astonishing tale of a little girl who was different, her cat and how they brought a family together. 'Different is brilliant . . .' Iris Grace is different.

  • The Story of Fester Cat

    The Story of Fester Cat
    Paul Magrs

    This is the true story of an extraordinary little cat whose gentle charm and trusting soul turned two young men into a family.

  • My Cat Spit McGee

    My Cat, Spit McGee
    Willie Morris

    " My Cat Spit McGee is one of the finest books ever written about a cat, and a moving and entertaining tribute to an enduring friendship. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • A Cat Named Darwin

    A Cat Named Darwin
    William Jordan

    The biologist author of Divorce Among the Gulls describes his detachment from animals before meeting an orange tomcat whose failing health and winning personality shifted his scientific perspectives and brought about his understanding of …

  • Cat Lady Chic

    Cat Lady Chic
    Diane Lovejoy

    The volume features a sharp, funny introductory essay on the Cat Lady conundrum along with scores of photo¬≠graphs of felines paired with famous feline fans across a spectrum of backgrounds, including figures such as Audrey Hepburn, Georgia …

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