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  • Begegne den Tieren begegne Dir selbst

    Begegne den Tieren, begegne Dir selbst
    Sarah Rogalski

    Die Begegnungen mit Mensch und Tier machen einen Großteil unseres Lebens aus.

  • What s Your Dog Teaching You

    What’s Your Dog Teaching You?
    Martin McKenna

    In this book he runs through the many lessons dogs can teach us, via colourful anecdotes about hounds and their owners. Be warned! Not everyone is up to the task of learning from their dog.

  • Buckley s Story

    Buckley’s Story
    Ingrid King

    This story of a “gimpy” little tortoiseshell cat with a huge heart who changed her human’s life in unexpected ways shows us how pets teach us universal lessons about living a joyful life, how caring for a terminally ill pet can deepen …

  • The Ultimate Bird Lover

    The Ultimate Bird Lover
    Marty Becker, Gina Spadafori, Mikkel Becker Shannon

    Offers anecdotes and information about pet birds as well as birds sighted in the wild, in a book where expert advice compliments avian tales.

  • Intuitive Animal Connections

    Intuitive Animal Connections
    Jadi Kindred

    Based on her abiding love and compassion for her animal friends, this book shares the countless ways that these homeless dogs have shifted her thinking, awakened her telepathic and intuitive capabilities and revealed an unexpected dimension …

  • Adventures with Andy and Susie

    Adventures with Andy and Susie
    Donna Hall

    Put on your goggles and grab the flashlight – get ready to take a sailbus flight!Join Andy in this Victorian Sci-Fi inspired tale, set in the far away hills of a family orchard.Armed with his flashlight, goggles and field clothes, a young …

  • Pet Clean Up Made Easy

    Pet Clean-Up Made Easy
    Don Aslett

    This Must-Have Volume from Don Aslett gives pet owners all they need to keep their homes sparkling and their pets happy and sale–from cleaning methods to stain removers to deodorizers.

  • One Man and a Mule

    One Man and a Mule
    Hugh Thomson

    Strong, sturdy and able to carry a good 160 lbs of weight, they made ideal walking companions (as long as you didn’t ask them to do anything they disapproved of). Now Hugh Thomson has revived that ancient tradition.

  • Ein Hund kommt ins Haus 2

    Ein Hund kommt ins Haus / 2
    Silvia Hunziker-Suter

    Es geht weiter mit den Erlebnissen aus dem Alltag mit meinen Haustieren.

  • Animal Cognition

    Animal Cognition
    Nick Lund

    An accessible and engaging account of how non- human animals process information from their environment.

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