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  • Training Your Pet Ferret

    Training Your Pet Ferret
    Gerry Bucsis, Barbara Somerville

    Furry, cuddly, and bursting with energy, ferrets can be a handful for inexperienced owners. Learn how to start effective training at any time, whether you adopt an adult ferret or purchase a baby kit.

  • Dwarf Hamsters

    Dwarf Hamsters
    Sharon Lynn Vanderlip

    Discusses the varieties, breeding, selection, keeping, and care of these petite rodents.

  • Goodbye Friend

    Goodbye, Friend
    Gary Kowalski

    The loss of an animal companion can be a painful, wrenching experience. In Goodbye, Friend, Gary Kowalski takes you on a journey of healing, offering warmth and sound advice on how to cope with the death of your pet.

  • Rats

    Debbie Ducommum

    The book discusses food options and the importance of feeding a rat a healthy, low-cal, low-fat diet based on fruits, veggies, and legumes plus recipes and menu tips.

  • GuĂ a para conejillo de Indias

    GuĂ­a para conejillo de Indias
    Cristina Rebiere, Olivier Rebiere

    Deseamos compartir nuestro conocimiento y nuestros consejos Ăştiles para « domesticar » la naturaleza fácilmente, de la que nuestra vida moderna a veces nos aleja … Encontrará pequeños libros prácticos Ăştiles, siempre a mano en su …

  • Conigli Conigli

    Conigli & Conigli
    Claudio Della Valle

    La semplicià ritrovata con l’aiuto della natura. Tale potrebbe essere la sintesi di questo libro che si basa su oltre 40 anni di personale esperienza diretta e continuata nell’allevamento dei conigli.

  • Ferrets For Dummies

    Ferrets For Dummies
    Kim Schilling

    The fun and easy way to adopt, nurture, live with, and love your ferret Fallen in love with a fuzzy ferret? This friendly, informative guide gives you expert tips on caring for and enjoying your ferret, and keeping him healthy and happy.

  • Harkness and Wagner s Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents

    Harkness and Wagner’s Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents
    John E. Harkness, Patricia V. Turner, Susan VandeWoude

    Part of ACLAM's series of laboratory animal books, this text offers concise but complete coverage on rabbits and the most common rodent species, with an emphasis on biology, clinical procedures, clinical signs, and diseases and conditions.

  • Hamsters For Dummies

    Hamsters For Dummies
    Sarah Montague

    Hamsters For Dummies helps those owners who have little or no experience caring for this small mammal. This book covers selecting a healthy hamster, health care and nutrition, and housing and supplies.

  • Nutrient Requirements of Laboratory Animals

    Nutrient Requirements of Laboratory Animals,

    This book presents the current understanding of the lipid, carbohydrate, protein, mineral, vitamin, and other nutritional needs of laboratory animals. Extensive tables provide easy access to data and resources.

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