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  • 日本のプロブリーダーたち!

    日本でも、ようやくプロブリーダーと呼べるような方たちが多くなってきたようです。今回はカメ、ヘビそしてカエルのプロブリーダーの方をご紹介いたします …

  • テレビで活躍!?アカマタ様!

    久しぶりのタイムリー記事です!今回は、最近バラエティ番組に登場して、ちょっと有名になった「バ…」違う「アカマタ」様について解説してみました!!(総合情報サイト「All …

  • Tartarughe terrestri

    Tartarughe terrestri
    Marta Avanzi

    ePub: FL0726; PDF: FL1751

  • The Art Of Keeping Snakes

    The Art Of Keeping Snakes
    Philippe De Vosjoli

    In The Art of Keeping Snakes, de Vosjoli pursues this concept and provides advice for snake keepers who wish to create beautiful displays for their snakes, putting the animals’ welfare and quality of life above all else and simultaneously …

  • Peque o atlas de reptiles

    Pequeño atlas de reptiles
    Friedrich-Wilhelm Henkel, Wolfgang Schmidt

    Descripciones detalladas de 182 especies de reptiles fáciles de conseguir, con datos relevantes sobre su origen, aspecto y reproducción en cautividad

  • Snakes

    Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia Pope Bartlett

    Offers advice on keeping snakes in captivity, including tips on purchasing, feeding, and health problems

  • Box Turtles

    Box Turtles
    Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia Pope Bartlett

    A guide to keeping box turtles as pets, providing advice on caging, feeding and watering, health, and breeding.

  • Green Water Dragons

    Green Water Dragons
    Philippe De Vosjoli

    This book is dedicated to the care, maintenance, and breeding of these Asian lizards in captivity. In addition, a section has been included on the basilisk lizards of the New World.

  • Jackson s and Veiled Chameleons

    Jackson’s and Veiled Chameleons
    Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia Pope Bartlett

    This book offers expert advice for hobbyists. Books in this series give hobbyists basic information on reptiles' anatomy, life cycles, and traits, as well as specific instructions on care and breeding.

  • The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual

    The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual
    Glenn Kvassay

    This Guide is also sold on Amazon. This manual is an accumulation of years of experience and experimentation that will provide you with a proven short cut to successful cockroach breeding.

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