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  • Situaciones

    Ana Huedo, Montserrat de Pablo

    La publicación recoge un conjunto de textos y una muestra documental de las actividades realizadas en las tres ediciones del proyecto "Situaciones", presentado en Cuenca y definido como festival de las artes y encuentro de artistas, a la …

  • Dioses prost ticos

    Dioses prostéticos
    Hal Foster

    Reflexión sobre cómo imaginar un nuevo arte o arquitectura a través de artistas modernos clave.

  • Introduction to Modernity

    Introduction to Modernity
    Henri Lefebvre

    Essential reading for all students of European cultural history, and a key text for Marxism in the post-Communist world of the late twentieth century.

  • Symbolism

    Alfred North Whitehead

    Whitehead's response to the epistemological challenges of Hume and Kant in its most vivid and direct form.

  • EPZ Truth and Method

    EPZ Truth and Method
    Hans-Georg Gadamer, Joel Weinsheimer, Donald G. Marshall

    Written in the 1960s, TRUTH AND METHOD is Gadamer's magnum opus.

  • El poder del centro

    El poder del centro
    Rudolf Arnheim

    Versión definitiva de esta obra clásica de la Teoría del Arte, en la que su autor ofrece una madura reflexión sobre la organización de las artes visuales y su recepción por parte del espectador.

  • Useful Work v Useless Toil

    Useful Work v. Useless Toil
    William Morris

    They have enriched lives – and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.

  • Who Needs Classical Music

    Who Needs Classical Music?
    Julian Johnson

    This book considers the value of classical music in contemporary society, arguing that it remains distinctive because it works in quite different ways to most of the other music that surrounds us.

  • Interpretive Reasoning

    Interpretive Reasoning
    Laurent Stern

    Although this is a book in philosophy, scholars and students in the humanities, the social sciences, and disciplines concerned with interpretive reasoning can read it profitably.

  • Overlooking the Visual

    Overlooking the Visual
    Kathryn Moore

    Making tangible connections between theory and practice, ideas and form, this book encourages debate about the artistic, conceptual, and cultural significance of the way things look.

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