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  • A Cup of Buddha

    A Cup of Buddha
    Thomas D. Craig

    The book applies eastern philosophy to western living utilizing pop culture and music metaphors to explore dense topics in an easy to digest format. Individuals are restless, and unhappy.

  • Volume 10 Philosophy of Religion

    Volume 10: Philosophy of Religion
    Guttorm Fløistad

    The present volume is a continuation of the series Contemporary Philosophy. As with the earlier volumes in the series, the present Chronicles purport to give a survey of significant trends in contemporary philosophy.

  • John Dewey Confucius and Global Philosophy

    John Dewey, Confucius, and Global Philosophy
    Joseph Grange

    The work gives a new appreciation of fundamental issues facing Chinese and American relations and brings the opportunities and dangers of globalization into focus.

  • You Are Unborn

    You Are Unborn
    Charlie Hayes

    This is Advaita Nonduality, pointing directly to Your True Nature of Eternal Freedom, in the tradition of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, and author Hayes' teachers, 'Sailor' Bob Adamson and John Wheeler.

  • Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy

    Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy
    Paulos Gregorios, International Society for Neoplatonic Studies

    Explores connections between Neoplatonism and Indian philosophy.

  • On the Culture of Harmony

    On the Culture of Harmony
    Gordon Wang

    In "On the Culture of Harmony, " author Gordon Wang answers the serious and significant question of where human beings are headed in terms of both time and space.

  • Exotics and Retrospectives

    Exotics and Retrospectives
    Lafcadio Hearn

    In Exotics and Retrospectives, Lafcadio Hearn plays the role not only of tour guide, but also dreamscaper.

  • Overcoming Our Evil

    Overcoming Our Evil
    Aaron Stalnaker

    Do they ever become more ethical, and if so, how? Overcoming Our Evil focuses on the way ethical and religious commitments are conceived and nurtured through the methodical practices that Pierre Hadot has called "spiritual exercises.

  • Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy

    Contemporary Confucian Political Philosophy
    Stephen C. Angle

    This book provides an accessible introduction to the main perspectives and topics being debated today, and shows why Progressive Confucianism is a particularly promising approach.

  • The Art of War Versus the Art of Pool

    The Art of War Versus the Art of Pool
    Allan Sand

    This book defines the underlying strategic and tactical skills necessary to compete effectively. This book proves that mental skills are more important that physical skills.

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