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  • 松下幸之助の哲学

    自然とは、社会とは、そして人間とは何か? 時代を超えて語り継がれる松下幸之助の思想の根本を余すところなく伝える珠玉の40編。

  •   人       人


    なぜ、心豊かに、人にやさしく、満足感をもって生きられないのだろうか? そんな「大人になれない大人」たちの心を成長させるヒント。

  • Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity

    Ethics in the Conflicts of Modernity
    Alasdair MacIntyre

    Alasdair MacIntyre explores some central philosophical, political and moral claims of modernity and argues that a proper understanding of human goods requires a rejection of these claims.

  • 養老孟司の<逆さメガネ>

    「個性は心にある」「都市こそ進歩」「自分探しに価値がある」……。すべてはカン違い!? 世間の常識を逆さメガネで考える養老流の教育論。

  • Exercise and Eating Disorders

    Exercise and Eating Disorders
    Simona Giordano

    This book addresses the close links between EDs and exercise, helping us to understand why people with EDs often exercise to excessive and potentially harmful levels.

  • 兵法家伝書

    This is a translation of an important classic on Zen swordfighting.

  • El mundo de Parm nides

    El mundo de Parménides
    Karl Raimund Popper

    Esta coleccion de ensayos, publicados ahora conjuntamente por primera vez, no solo arroja una intensa luz sobre la complejidad del antiguo pensamiento griego, sino que tambien pone de manifiesto la preocupacion de Popper por la filosofia …

  • Achievement

    Gwen Bradford

    Gwen Bradford presents a systematic account of what achievements are, and why they are worth the effort.

  • A Treatise of Human Nature

    A Treatise of Human Nature
    David Hume

    This enormously influential work employs Locke's empiric principles to construct a theory of knowledge from which to evaluate metaphysical ideas.

  • The Denial of Nature

    The Denial of Nature
    Arne Johan Vetlesen

    A study of the increasingly precarious relationship between humans and nature, this book seeks to go beyond work already contributed to the environmental movement.

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