Books in category Philosophy – Free Will & Determinism

  • Time and Free Will

    Time and Free Will
    Henri Bergson

    Bergson argues for free will by showing that the arguments against it come from a confusion of different conceptions of time. He concludes that free will is an observable fact.

  • Conversation and Responsibility

    Conversation and Responsibility
    Michael McKenna

    In this book Michael McKenna advances a new theory of moral responsibility, one that builds upon the work of P. F. Strawson. As McKenna demonstrates, moral responsibility can be explained on analogy with a conversation.

  • The Essential Nietzsche

    The Essential Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    An expert on Nietzsche presents highlights from The Birth of Tragedy, Thus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, and other works, and explains their significance to modern readers.

  • Freedom and Determinism

    Freedom and Determinism
    Joseph Keim Campbell, David Shier

    A state-of-the-art collection of previously unpublished essays on the topics of determinism, free will, moral responsibility, and action theory, written by some of the most important figures in these fields of study.

  • Three Philosophical Dialogues

    Three Philosophical Dialogues
    Saint Anselm, Thomas Williams

    In these three dialogues, renowned for their dialectical structure and linguistic precision, Anselm sets out his classic account of the relationship between freedom and sin-its linchpin his definition of freedom of choice as 'the power to …

  • The Gay Science

    The Gay Science
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Nietzsche called The Gay Science "the most personal of all my books." It was here that he first proclaimed the death of God—to which a large part of the book is devoted—and his doctrine of the eternal recurrence.

  • Living Without Free Will

    Living Without Free Will
    Derk Pereboom

    Argues that morality, meaning and value remain intact even if we are not morally responsible for our actions.

  • Free Will

    Free Will
    Nicholas Rescher

    This second edition of Free Will presents a complete treatment of the history of the debate over whether humans have free will.

  • Fate Time and Language

    Fate, Time, and Language
    David Foster Wallace

    This volume reproduces Taylor's original article and other works on fatalism cited by Wallace in his critique.

  • Free Will and Continental Philosophy

    Free Will and Continental Philosophy
    David Edward Rose

    This book suggests that the Continental thinkers offer a compelling alternative by concentrating on the phenomena of human action and self-determination in order to offer the truth of freedom in different terms.

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