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  • An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
    David Hume

    An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is the thesis of a thinker who was a scientist, psychologist, metaphysician, and skeptic who continues to fascinate contemporary minds.

  • Reason s Debt to Freedom

    Reason’s Debt to Freedom
    Ishtiyaque Haji

    It follows that we cannot have objective reasons to perform an act unless we could have done otherwise. This is reason's debt to freedom.

  • Luck s Mischief

    Luck’s Mischief
    Ishtiyaque Haji

    Something is subject to luck if it is beyond our control. In this book, Haji shows that luck detrimentally affects both moral obligation and moral responsibility.

  • A Minimal Libertarianism

    A Minimal Libertarianism
    Christopher Evan Franklin

    In this book, Christopher Evan Franklin develops and defends a novel version of event-causal libertarianism.

  • Possibility

    Michael Jubien

    Possibility is a philosophical treatise on the metaphysical concepts of possibility and necessity. Jubien rejects the idea of possible worlds, and starts instead the notion of a physical object and the positing of properties and relations.

  • Are We Hardwired

    Are We Hardwired?
    William R. Clark, Michael Grunstein

    Perhaps most interesting, the book suggests that the source of our ability to choose, to act unexpectedly, may lie in the chaos principle: the most minute differences during activation of a single neuron may lead to utterly unpredictable …

  • Effective Intentions

    Effective Intentions
    Alfred R. Mele

    Mele's final chapter closes with a discussion of imaginary scientific findings that would warrant bold claims about free will and consciousness of the sort he examines in this book.

  • How It All Works How We Fit In

    How It All Works & How We Fit In
    Don Kerr

    This book will try to answer your questions, will look at what we know so far, what the implications are of that knowledge, and how we can adjust our lives so that they better fit our dreams. And we can.

  • Twilight of the Ephemeral Magicians

    Twilight of the Ephemeral Magicians
    Joseph Zammit

    If we should succeed in this quest, then this book might well present itself as a ‘Book of Revelations’.


    Laurence P. Huntley

    This book is about Ernie Tucker who defied the laws of success and has lived a charmed life by following the principles of having faith, repetition, imagination and above all persistence.

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