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  • An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge

    An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge
    Dan O’Brien

    A clear and concise introduction to contemporary debates in epistemology, this title covers topics such as testimony, the internalism/externalism debate, and naturalized epistemology.

  • Reading Ranciere

    Reading Ranciere
    Paul Bowman, Richard Stamp

    Reading Rancière brings together leading international scholars in the first sustained critical exploration of Rancière's work on politics, aesthetics and philosophy in English.

  • 兵法家伝書

    This is a translation of an important classic on Zen swordfighting.

  • El mundo de Parm nides

    El mundo de Parménides
    Karl Raimund Popper

    Esta coleccion de ensayos, publicados ahora conjuntamente por primera vez, no solo arroja una intensa luz sobre la complejidad del antiguo pensamiento griego, sino que tambien pone de manifiesto la preocupacion de Popper por la filosofia …

  • Husserl Or Frege

    Husserl Or Frege?
    Claire Ortiz Hill, Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

    These essays offer an alternative to discussions of the philosophy of contemporary mathematics.

  • Homage to Pythagoras

    Homage to Pythagoras
    Christopher Bamford

    In India, he discovered the works of the French Egyptologist and esotericist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, which led him to explore the principles and practices of ancient sacred science.

  • An Outline of Philosophy

    An Outline of Philosophy
    Bertrand Russell

    Philosophy, Russell argues, is concerned with the universe as a whole. He reveals how the world in which we seem to live differs from reality and makes clear how scientific advance has transformed our concept of the world.

  • Homeric Moments

    Homeric Moments
    Eva Brann

    " "Written with wit and clarity, this book will be of value to those reading the Odyssey and the Iliad for the first time and to those teaching it to beginners."—Library Journal "Homeric Moments is a feast for the mind and the imagination …

  • Aristotle on Female Animals

    Aristotle on Female Animals
    Sophia M. Connell

    Building on recent research, this book comprehensively revises such readings, setting out the complex and positive role played by the female in Aristotle's thought with a particular focus on the longest surviving treatise on reproduction in …

  • Selected Philosophical Papers of Robert Boyle

    Selected Philosophical Papers of Robert Boyle
    Robert Boyle, Michael Alexander Stewart

    The editor has shown excellent judgment in bringing together many of the most important works and printing them, for the most part, in unabridged form. The texts have been edited responsibly with emphasis on readability. . .

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