Books in category Philosophy – Logic

  • A Custodian of Grammar

    A Custodian of Grammar
    Kristijan Krkac

    This book will be of interest to Wittgenstein scholars and to students investigating various philosophical methods of philosophy from the 20th century.

  • Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis

    Analyses Concerning Passive and Active Synthesis
    Edmund Husserl

    Coming from what is arguably the most productive period of Husserl's life, this volume offers the reader a first translation into English of Husserl's renowned lectures on `passive synthesis', given between 1920 and 1926.

  • Handbook of Philosophical Logic Volume 10

    Handbook of Philosophical Logic, Volume 10
    Dov M. Gabbay, Franz Guenthner

    We are confident that the second edition will prove to be just as good! The first edition was the second handbook published for the logic commu nity.

  • Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic

    Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic
    Petr Hájek

    This book presents a systematic treatment of deductive aspects and structures of fuzzy logic understood as many valued logic sui generis.

  • An Investigation of the Laws of Thought

    An Investigation of the Laws of Thought
    George Boole

    A timeless introduction to the field and a landmark in symbolic logic, showing that classical logic can be treated algebraically.

  • Interpretive Reasoning

    Interpretive Reasoning
    Laurent Stern

    Although this is a book in philosophy, scholars and students in the humanities, the social sciences, and disciplines concerned with interpretive reasoning can read it profitably.

  • Logic

    Immanuel Kant

    Kant's highly influential introduction to philosophy, presenting both the terminological and structural basis for his philosophical system, and offering an invaluable key to his main works, particularly the three Critiques.

  • On Awareness

    On Awareness
    Nicholas J. Pappas

    The reader of this book is invited to enjoy a tasty feast of bite-sized philosophical dialogues.

  • Superminds

    Selmer Bringsjord, M. Zenzen

    This is the first book-length presentation and defense of a new theory of human and machine cognition, according to which human persons are superminds.

  • Isabelle HOL

    Tobias Nipkow, Lawrence C. Paulson, Markus Wenzel

    This volume is a self-contained introduction to interactive proof in high- order logic (HOL), using the proof assistant Isabelle 2002.

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