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  • Real Time II

    Real Time II
    D. H. Mellor

    This book answers such basic metaphysical questions about time as: how do past, present and future differ, how are time and space related, what is change, is time travel possible?.

  • Heidegger and Aquinas

    Heidegger and Aquinas
    John D. Caputo

    The purpose of the present study is to undertake a confrontation of the thought of Martin Heidegger and Thomas Aquinas on the question of Being and the problem of metaphysics.

  • The Science of Mind

    The Science of Mind
    Ernest Holmes, Holmes Ernest

    Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) founded Religious Science, part of the New Thought movement. Schooled in Christian Science, he moved to Los Angeles in 1912. This is the text of the first edition of his work, "The Science of Mind."

  • Nature and Understanding

    Nature and Understanding
    Nicholas Rescher

    This text explores the prospect of looking from a scientific point of view at such central ideas of traditional metaphysics as the simplicity of nature, its comprehensibility, or its systematic integrity.

  • God and the Knowledge of Reality

    God and the Knowledge of Reality
    Thomas Steven Molnar

    Written simply yet comprehensively, Molnar's analysis of the history of philosophy and false mysticism leads him to conclude that a return to a modern realism will save the philosophical enterprise from a series of epistemological and …

  • Songs Of Malantor

    Songs Of Malantor
    Patricia Pereira

    The mission of this series of books is to awaken us to our individual and collective spiritual obligation for the health and well-being of our planet and all creatures who live upon her.

  • Heidegger s Being and Time

    Heidegger’s Being and Time
    Paul Gorner

    In this clear and straightforward introduction to the text, Paul Gorner takes the reader through the work, examining its detail and explaining the sometimes difficult language which Heidegger uses.

  • A Priori Justification

    A Priori Justification
    Albert Casullo

    The major divide in contemporary epistemology is between those who embrace and those who reject a priori knowledge. Albert Casullo provides a systematic treatment of the primary epistemological issues associated with the controversy.

  • Nature Loves to Hide

    Nature Loves to Hide
    Shimon Malin

    In Nature Loves to Hide, physicist Shimon Malin takes readers on a fascinating tour of quantum theory–one that turns to Western philosophical thought to clarify this strange yet inescapable description of the nature of reality.

  • Why there is Something rather than Nothing

    Why there is Something rather than Nothing
    Bede Rundle

    The question whether ultimate explanations can ever be given is forever in the background, and the book concludes with an investigation of this issue and of the possibility that the universe could have existed for an infinite time.

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