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  • Intentionality in Husserl and Heidegger

    Intentionality in Husserl and Heidegger
    Burt Hopkins

    This is not to suggest that the tendency toward Heidegger partisan ship in the literature treating the relationship of his phenomenology to Husserl's has its basis in extra-philosophical or extra-phenome nological concerns and …

  • A Treatise of Human Nature

    A Treatise of Human Nature
    David Hume

    This enormously influential work employs Locke's empiric principles to construct a theory of knowledge from which to evaluate metaphysical ideas.

  • The Question of Being

    The Question of Being
    Martin Heidegger

    A fantastic read for any scholar or student interested in philosophy, epistemology, or ontology.

  • Dhammapada

    Narada Thera

    El Dhammapada, literalmente Camino de la Enseñanza, es considerado por los especialistas el texto cumbre del budismo.

  • Language Metaphysics and Death

    Language, Metaphysics, and Death
    John Donnelly

    This standard work in thanatology is updated with ten essays new to the second edition, and features a new introduction by Donnelly. The collection addresses certain basic issues inherent in a philosophy of death.

  • Kierkegaard s Instant

    Kierkegaard’s Instant
    David J. Kangas

    By linking Kierkegaard's thought to the tradition of Meister Eckhart, Kangas formulates the central problem of these early texts and puts them into contemporary light — can thinking hold itself open to the challenges of temporality?

  • The Wisdom of the World

    The Wisdom of the World
    Rémi Brague

    Encyclopedic and yet intimate, The Wisdom of the World offers the best sort of history: broad, learned, and completely compelling. Brague opens a window onto systems of thought radically different from our own.

  • The Early Works 1882 1898 1882 1888 Early essays and Leibniz s new essays concerning the human understanding

    The Early Works, 1882-1898: 1882-1888. Early essays and Leibniz’s new essays concerning the human understanding
    John Dewey, Jo Ann Boydston

    This third volume in the definitive edition of Dewey's early work opens with his tribute to George Sylvester Morris, the former teacher who had brought Dewey to the University of Michigan.

  • Cosmic Blueprint

    Cosmic Blueprint
    Paul Davies

    In this critically acclaimed book, first published in 1988 and now reprinted in paperback, scientist and author Paul Davies explains how recent scientific advances are transforming our understanding of the emergence of complexity and …

  • Causation A Very Short Introduction

    Causation: A Very Short Introduction
    Stephen Mumford, Rani Lill Anjum

    Causation is therefore the most fundamental connection in the universe and a core topic of philosophical thought. This Very Short Introduction introduces all of the main theories of causation and its key debates.

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