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  • Morality and Justice

    Morality and Justice
    John-Stewart Gordon, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

    This book is a collection of twelve essays devoted to Michael Boylan's important work in moral philosophy,A Just Society.

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    الاختبارات والامتحانات: قياس القدرات والأداء
    Lewis R. Aiken

    يوفر هذا الكتاب تغطية موجزة ولكنها كاملة لكل من المفاهيم والطرق والمواد اللازمة لانتقاء وتصميم واستعمال اختبارات التحصيل …

  • Taking Wittgenstein at His Word

    Taking Wittgenstein at His Word
    Robert J. Fogelin

    In doing so, the book underscores fundamental–but frequently underappreciated–insights about Wittgenstein's later philosophy.

  • Philosophical and Empirical Approaches to Psychology

    Philosophical and Empirical Approaches to Psychology
    Giuseppe Lo Dico

    This book argues that adopting one idea over another can have a profound influence in a psychologist’s research.

  • When Words Are Called For

    When Words Are Called For
    Avner Baz

    Accordingly, Baz does not merely argue for OLP but, all the more convincingly, practices it in this eye-opening book.

  • If They Give You Lined Paper Write Sideways

    If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways.
    Daniel Quinn

    Subsequent works, such as The Story of B and My Ishmael, expanded upon his insights and teachings, but only now does he finally tackle the one question he has been asked hundreds of times but has never taken on: "How do you do what you do?

  • الفردوس الأرضي
    عبد الوهاب المسيري

    نُشر هذا الكتاب مرّة واحدة عام 1978م في بيروت، ولم يُنشر ثانية، برغم أهميته الفائقة في إلقاء الضوء على مرحلة فارقة في حياة مؤلّفه …

  • Fumando ma as

    Fumando mañas
    Tapias Hernández, César Augusto

    Este texto ilustra la interacción entre violencia estructural y actores marginales para ver cómo lo primero crea lo segundo, y cómo, a su turno, la dinámica de estos actores les permite articularse y / o fugarse de sus condiciones.

  • Ideologie

    Peter Tepe

    "Ideologie – das ist doch Schnee von gestern": Die Geringschätzung ist unberechtigt.

  • Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy

    Deconstruction as Analytic Philosophy
    Samuel C. Wheeler

    These twelve essays treat the thought of "deconstructive" philosophers from the perspective of analytic philosophy and relate the works of such thinkers as Davidson, Quine, and Wittgenstein to the writings of Derrida and de Man.

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