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  • The Joyful Wisdom

    The Joyful Wisdom
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    This book "the Joyful Wisdom," was written in 1882, shortly before "Zarathustra", is considered the best work by Nietzsche.

  • The Free Will Delusion

    The Free Will Delusion
    James B. Miles

    Poverty is not accident, but design. We are not all equal before the law. And the central message of contemporary ethics is that only some people matter.

  • The Study of Man Routledge Revivals

    The Study of Man (Routledge Revivals)
    Michael Polanyi

    The three lectures included in this comprehensive volume, first published in 1959, argue for Polanyi’s principle of ‘tacit knowing’ as a fundamental component of knowledge.

  • Intergenerational Justice

    Intergenerational Justice
    Axel Gosseries, Lukas H. Meyer

    From combating climate change to ensuring proper funding for future pensions, concerns about ethics between generations are everywhere. In this volume 16 philosophers explore the wide-ranging and diverse topic of intergenerational justice.

  • Sensory Neuroscience Four Laws of Psychophysics

    Sensory Neuroscience: Four Laws of Psychophysics
    Jozef J. Zwislocki

    This book will be particularly useful to auditory researchers, experimental psychologists, and behavioral neuroscientists.

  • Superminds

    Selmer Bringsjord, M. Zenzen

    This is the first book-length presentation and defense of a new theory of human and machine cognition, according to which human persons are superminds.

  • The Conscious Brain

    The Conscious Brain
    Jesse J. Prinz

    Synthesizing decades of research, The Conscious Brain advances a new theory of the psychological and neurophysiological correlates of conscious experience.

  • Background Practices

    Background Practices
    Hubert L. Dreyfus

    This volume presents a selection of Hubert Dreyfus's pioneering work in bringing phenomenology and existentialism to bear on the philosophical and scientific study of the mind.

  • Self and Other

    Self and Other
    Dan Zahavi

    Dan Zahavi engages with classical phenomenology, philosophy of mind, and a range of empirical disciplines to explore the nature of selfhood.

  • Transformative Experience

    Transformative Experience
    Laurie Ann Paul

    Her account of transformative experience holds that part of the value of living authentically is to experience our lives and preferences in whatever ways they evolve.

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