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  • Marx s Discourse with Hegel

    Marx’s Discourse with Hegel
    N. Levine

    Marx's Discourse With Hegel is both a product and contribution to this rebirth of Marxism by its reformulation of the relationship between Hegel and Marx

  • A Treatise of Human Nature

    A Treatise of Human Nature
    David Hume

    It contains the following sections: Book 1: "Of the Understanding" – An investigation into human cognition. Important statements of Skepticism. Book 2: "Of the Passions" – A treatment of emotions and free will.

  • The Courage to Think for Yourself

    The Courage to Think for Yourself
    Leszek Figurski

    This book was written with the purpose of revealing the duty of each individual to search for truth and the meaning of existence.

  • Vers un Pays Lumiere

    Vers un Pays-Lumiere
    Bruce W. Powe

    A fully revised, expanded and updated edition of B.W. Powe’s visionary work of political philosophy that has become a classic text for understanding the work-in-progress that is Canada.

  • The Problem of Political Authority

    The Problem of Political Authority
    Michael Huemer

    This book argues that this notion is a moral illusion: no one has ever possessed that sort of authority.

  • Reality Reason and Rights

    Reality, Reason, and Rights
    Douglas B. Rasmussen, Aeon J. Skoble, Douglas J. Den Uyl

    This collection of essays seeks to explore Tibor R. Machan's philosophical ideas by considering some of the basic issues with which he has been concerned throughout his long and highly productive career.

  • Soren Kierkegaard s Psychology

    Soren Kierkegaard’s Psychology
    Med Ib Ostenfeld


  • Waiting on God Routledge Revivals

    Waiting on God (Routledge Revivals)
    Simone Weil

    A work first published in English in 1951, Waiting on God forms the best possible introduction to the work of Simone Weil, for it brings us into direct contact with this amazing personality, at once so pure, so ardent, so utterly sincere, …

  • What People Believe When They Say That People Believe

    What People Believe When They Say That People Believe
    Todd Jones

    In this work, Jones takes a detailed look at the different things these kinds of statements about groups can mean, and the various social structures they correspond to.

  • Essays on Ayn Rand s We the Living

    Essays on Ayn Rand’s “We the Living”
    Robert Mayhew

    In the second edition, Robert Mayhew once again brings together pre-eminent scholars of Rand's writing. The edition includes three new chapters, as well as an epilogue by renowned Rand-scholar Leonard Peikoff.

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