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  • Beyond Blood Identities

    Beyond Blood Identities
    Jason D. Hill

    In Beyond Blood Identities, Jason D. Hill presents a bold defense of a form of cosmopolitanism according to which only individual persons_not cultures, races, or ethic groups_are the bearers of rights and the possessors of an inviolable …

  • Epistemologias do Sul

    Epistemologias do Sul
    Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Meneses Maria Paula

    Por que razão, nos dois últimos séculos, a epistemologia dominante eliminou da reflexão epistemológica o contexto cultural e político da produção e reprodução do conhecimento?

  • Power and Influence

    Power and Influence
    Chiku Malunga

    This book demonstrates how the indigenous wisdom contained in African proverbs and folktales can be used to enhance modern life.

  • Modernity and Crisis in the Thought of Michel Foucault

    Modernity and Crisis in the Thought of Michel Foucault
    Matan Oram

    This book addresses Foucault’s characterizations of the Enlightenment, asking whether the developmental history of the modern conception of knowledge – from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment – warrants the conclusion he draws.

  • Animals in China

    Animals in China
    Deborah Cao

    Animals in China examines animal protection in China in its legal, social and cultural contexts.

  • A Return to Social Justice

    A Return to Social Justice
    Jessica Urwin

    Youth justice has always focused on criminal justice but this work argues that taking a social justice approach is the best way to reduce youth crime.

  • Evolution and the Foundations of Ethics

    Evolution and the Foundations of Ethics
    John Mizzoni

    This book will be of interest to scholars interested in the intersection of evolutionary theory and ethical theory.

  • ما الذي أؤمن به
    برتراند راسل

    تُرجمت معظم أعمال راسل إلى العربية، ولكن بقيت بعض أشهر مقالاته و أكثرها تأثيراً و قراءة غير متوفرة باللغة العربية. نجمع بعض من هذه …

  • Identit t als Ereignis

    Identität als Ereignis
    Kurt Röttgers

    Der Begriff der Identität, ehemals viel diskutiert, scheint heute an Sprengkraft verloren zu haben.

  • Andr Malraux

    André Malraux
    G. Harris

    This book analyses Malraux's writing from his journalism in Indochina to his novels, art studies and (anti)memorialist essays.

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