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  • Bring Me the Rhinoceros

    Bring Me the Rhinoceros
    John Tarrant

    This book deftly retells more than a dozen traditional koans, which are partly paradoxical questions dangerous to your beliefs and partly treasure boxes of ancient wisdom.

  • The Everything Zen Book

    The Everything Zen Book
    Jacky Sach

    If so, you are not along. The Everything Zen Book introduces you to thousands of years of ancient teachings that can help you achieve inner peace and unity with the world around you.

  • Eat Sleep Sit

    Eat Sleep Sit
    Kaoru Nonomura

    This book is Nonomura's account of his experiences.

  • Sakuteiki

    Jiro Takei, Marc P. Keane

    Learn the art of Japanese gardening with this classic, fascinating text. The Sakuteiki, or "Records of Garden Making," was written nearly one thousand years ago.

  • Zen Brain Horizons

    Zen-Brain Horizons
    James H. Austin

    In Zen-Brain Horizons, James Austin draws on his decades of experience as a neurologist and Zen practitioner to clarify the benefits of meditative training.

  • Japanese Flower Arrgt Primer

    Japanese Flower Arrgt- Primer
    Ellen G. Allen

    With talent and facility, expression in these art forms is Satisfying. And this is true also of flower arranging, an ancient art that can express a thought or mood and in a sense combine the expression of severnl other media.

  • Manual de Budismo Zen

    Manual de Budismo Zen
    Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

    In one of the best and most succinct introductions to Zen practice, this important teacher discusses posture and breathing in meditation as well as selflessness, emptiness, and mindfulness.

  • The Supreme Doctrine

    The Supreme Doctrine
    H. Benoit

    This book provides the elements for reaching “satori,” that modification of the internal functioning of man which can be described as a state of unassailable serenity. This state, Dr. Benoit makes clear, is he truly “normal” one.

  • Chan Heart Chan Art

    Chan Heart, Chan Art
    Hsing Yun, Xingyun

    Chan Heart, Chan Art is a unique volume that pairs one hundred traditional Chan (Zen) stories retold by Venerable Master Hsing Yun with one hundred paintings that beautifully capture the flavor of traditional Chan art.

  • Zen War Stories

    Zen War Stories
    Brian Victoria

    A highly controversial study, this book will be of interest, first and foremost, to students of Zen as well as all those studying the history of this period, not to mention anyone concerned with the perennial question of the 'proper' …

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