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  • The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan

    The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan
    Dane Sanders

    Some of the things you'll learn in this book: How to turn the very technologies that are "killing" professional photography—such as the Internet—into your tools of success -How to lead your business, not let your business lead you -How …

  • This Place These People

    This Place, These People
    David Stark

    This book pairs images of abandoned farm places with the plain-spoken recollections of the people who still live in nearby communities.

  • Wedding Photography

    Wedding Photography
    Steve Sint

    Through dozens of photos and expert tips, you'll learn how to arrange a variety of poses and make the process painless for everyone.

  • Sell Re Sell Your Photos

    Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos
    Rohn Engh, Mikael Karlsson

    For more than three decades, industry classic Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos has been giving new and veteran photographers the tools to sell their pictures consistently to markets they enjoy.

  • Microstock Money Shots

    Microstock Money Shots
    Ellen Boughn

    How can you make your images stand out–and better yet, sell? In this guide, industry veteran Ellen Boughn reveals everything you need to know, including: . How to get started selling your photos . What sells and what doesn't .

  • Professional Photography

    Professional Photography
    Grant Scott

    Full of practical examples and detailed advice, this essential handbook uses a global approach to teach photographers how to thrive in a fast-changing and competitive international market.

  • Making Money from Photography in Every Conceivable Way

    Making Money from Photography in Every Conceivable Way
    Steve Bavister

    In this comprehensive manual, Steve Bavister gives an invaluable insight into the business of being a photographer, with tips and examples of how to take great pictures in every genre, including: Advice on shooting and selling stock …

  • Photography Business Secrets

    Photography Business Secrets
    Lara White

    Photography is a rapidly growing industry, placing both established and beginning photographers in tough competition for business Author Lara White runs a popular website teaching successful business strategies to photographers; this book …

  • Wedding Photojournalism The Business of Aesthetics

    Wedding Photojournalism: The Business of Aesthetics
    Paul D Van Hoy

    This valuable resource focuses on what professional wedding photographers need to do to stay competitive and continue winning new assignments, despite an array of challenges.

  • 2013 Photographer s Market

    2013 Photographer’s Market
    Mary Burzlaff Bostic

    This edition contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date market contacts for working photographers today: magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies, stock agencies, advertising firms, contests and more.

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