Books in category Photography – Commercial

  • How to Make Money with Digital Photography

    How to Make Money with Digital Photography
    Dan Heller

    This book will appeal to photographers already in the digital photography business as well as those simply considering taking the leap, and also offers a comprehensive analytical look at all aspects of the digital photography business.

  • Locating Memory

    Locating Memory
    Annette Kuhn, Kirsten Emiko McAllister

    These essays develop innovative cultural strategies for reading, re-reading and re-using photographs, as well as for (re)creating photographs and other artworks and evoke varied sites of memory in contemporary landscapes: from sites of war …

  • Commercial Photographer s Master Lighting Guide

    Commercial Photographer’s Master Lighting Guide
    Robert Morrissey

    From lighting glass objects to photographing models indoors and out, this handbook demonstrates how to effectively use and control light using a variety of traditional and unconventional lighting equipment.

  • Freeport Velasco

    Brenda Laird, The Freeport Historical Museum

    Freeport and Velasco grew side-by-side for 45 years until 1957, when they were consolidated. Thus, some citizens felt that the city ought to then be called "Freeport-Velasco." In 1961, Hurricane Carla roared into Freeport.

  • The Photographer s Guide to Marketing and Self Promotion

    The Photographer’s Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion
    Maria Piscopo

    This fifth edition has been thoroughly revised to include the most up-to-date coverage of social media and website development, and includes thirty-seven interviews with top photographers.

  • Selling Nature Photographs

    Selling Nature Photographs
    Norbert Wu

    Selling Nature Photographs discusses in detail how to set up an office system, attract and maintain a good client base, market photographs and negotiate fees. Expert tips on composition and photography are offered as well.