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  • At the Edge of the Light

    At the Edge of the Light
    David Travis

    In these seven essays, revised, rewritten, and expanded from his lectures, David Travis presents his thoughts on some of his favorite subjects: Weston, Stieglitz, Kertesz, Brassai, and Strand.

  • Kunstkommentare im Spiegel der Fotografie

    Kunstkommentare im Spiegel der Fotografie
    Rahel Ziethen

    Erklärung oder Verklärung?

  • Photography and Place

    Photography and Place

    This book presents a theoretical and historical analysis of German photography of place after 1945.

  • Ireland in Focus

    Ireland in Focus
    Eóin Flannery, Michael J. Griffin

    This is the first study to address the diverse range of visual representations of national and communal identity in Ireland. The contributors examine the politics of visual representation from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

  • Looters Photographers and Thieves

    Looters, Photographers, and Thieves
    Pasquale Verdicchio

    Looters, Photographers, and Thieves suggests that our visualization and relationship to a place like Italy is the result of a long and complex series of constructed images that have their origins in the ideology of nation building.

  • Photography

    David Bate

    Photography: The Key Concepts provides an ideal guide to the place of photography in our society and to the extraordinary range of photographic genres.

  • So That All Shall Know Para Que Todos Lo Sepan

    So That All Shall Know/Para Que Todos Lo Sepan
    Oscar Iván Maldonado

    The dramatic work of photographer Daniel Hernandez-Salazar and its social and political context are presented in this powerful, comprehensive overview on recent Guatemalan history, which captures the state-sponsored terrorism and mass …

  • Before and After Photography

    Before-and-After Photography
    Jordan Bear, Kate Palmer Albers

    Packed with case studies that explore the conceptual implications of these images, the book's rich language of evidence, documentation and persuasion present both historical material and the work of practicing photographers who have …

  • Landscapes of Holocaust Postmemory

    Landscapes of Holocaust Postmemory
    Brett Ashley Kaplan

    Examining the intersections of landscape, postmemory, and trauma, Kaplan's text offers a significant contribution to our understanding of the spatial, visual, and literary reach of the Holocaust.

  • Globalization Violence and the Visual Culture of Cities

    Globalization, Violence and the Visual Culture of Cities
    Christoph Lindner

    Addressing such questions, this book is the first interdisciplinary volume to examine the complex relationship between globalization, violence, and the visual culture of cities.

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