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  • Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows The Missing Manual

    Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows: The Missing Manual
    Barbara Brundage

    But figuring out how and when to use the program's tools is still tricky. With this book, you'll learn not only what each tool does, but also when it makes the most sense to use it and why.

  • iPhone


    プロが教える、日常をアートにする撮影アイデア集 世界中でもっとも身近に親しまれている「カメラ」とは? それは …

  • Seeing Kyoto

    Seeing Kyoto
    Juliet Winters Carpenter

    Kyoto is the heart and soul of Japan, the repository and guardian of itsncient spirit.

  • Fine Art Printing for Photographers

    Fine Art Printing for Photographers
    Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins

    The third edition of this best-selling book provides the necessary foundation for successful fine art printing: the understanding of color management, profiling, paper, and inks.

  • Los olvidados

    Los olvidados
    Kim Manresa, Juan Gonzalo Betancur

    'Este libro suena: mientras navega por las aguas del río Magdalena, va recogiendo los cantares de la gente y los sones de las guitarras, las tamboras y los acordeones.

  • Mennonites in Texas

    Mennonites in Texas
    Laura L. Camden, Susan Gaetz Duarte

    In this photographic tour of two Texas Mennonite communities, separated by almost 450 miles, Laura L. Camden and Susan Gaetz Duarte introduce you to the Beachy Amish Mennonites of Lott, a small community of approximately 160 people in …

  • FACES Photography and the Art of Portraiture

    FACES: Photography and the Art of Portraiture
    Paul Fuqua, Steven Biver

    Not only is this book the most comprehensive title available on portraiture, but it contains stunning images.

  • The Floating World

    The Floating World
    James Albert Michener

    Examines the development of the Japanese art of printmaking in the context of the history and culture of Japan

  • Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography

    Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography
    Dan Bailey

    In this book, you’ll: • Discover the necessary equipment for shooting action, learn how to use it to its full potential, and develop a comprehensive adventure photography camera system that you can adapt to different shooting situations …

  • Francesca Woodman and the Kantian Sublime

    Francesca Woodman and the Kantian Sublime
    Claire Raymond

    In her feminist inquiry into aesthetics and the sublime, Claire Raymond reinterprets the work of the American photographer Francesca Woodman (1958-1981).

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