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  • Photographs by Man Ray

    Photographs by Man Ray
    Man Ray

    Still lifes, landscapes, nudes, women's faces, portraits, and rayographs (photographs made without cameras) produced by Ray in the twenties and early thirties are accompanied by the comments of his contemporaries

  • Exploring Iran

    Exploring Iran
    Ayse Gursan-Salzmann

    Bronze Age site of Tepe Hissar near the town of Damghan and the monumental buildings of the pre-Islamic Sasanian Palace.

  • August Sander

    August Sander
    August Sander, J. Paul Getty Museum

    "The approximately fifty plates featured in In Focus: August Sander are some of the most striking from the J. Paul Getty Museum's more than twelve hundred pictures by the artist.

  • Sorted Books

    Sorted Books
    Nina Katchadourian, Brian Dillon

    Assembled and photographed in various private homes, libraries, and museums, the conceptual artist presents her stacks or "clusters" of books exhibiting creative and playful expressions formed with their titles.

  • Between Nature and Culture

    Between Nature and Culture
    The J. Paul Getty Museum

    Represented in this book as a selection from the resulting portfolio, Topos, a Greek word meaning place, site, position, and occasion – Deal's artistic legacy to the Gerry Center."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Acqua

    Diego Moratelli

    Quinta opera fotografica di Diego Moratelli in cui affronta un tema che aggiunge un tassello fondamentale alla sua personale visione della natura: l'acqua.

  • Windows of the Soul

    Windows of the Soul
    Alexandra Avakian

    A leading photojournalist recalls her twenty years of working in some of the world's most dangerous places, including the Gaza Strip, Somalia, the Sudan, and Central Asia, in a volume filled with 150 remarkable photographs documenting her …

  • Flower Album

    Flower Album
    Dietmar Busse, Tom Breidenbach, New York Botanical Garden

    Photographer arranges flowers and the human body together in surprsing, evocative ways.

  • Elliot Erwitt s New York Ediz multilingue

    Elliot Erwitt’s New York. Ediz. multilingue
    Elliott Erwitt, Adam Gopnik

    Le regard que jette Elliot Erwitt sur New York est parfois cru, parfois élégant, mais toujours réaliste.

  • Deep Nature

    Deep Nature
    Linda Scarth, Robert Scarth, John Pearson

    Revealing the miniature beauties hidden among the patches of prairie, woodland, and wetland that remain in Iowa’s sadly overdeveloped landscape, the seventy-five color photographs in Deep Nature give us a breathtaking cross section of the …

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