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  •       80  90 Musica e Cinema Anni 80 e 90 versione giapponese

    音楽と映画の80’と90′ Musica e Cinema Anni 80′ e 90′ (versione giapponese)
    Francesco Primerano

    街の通りを若いのんきで楽しいウォーキングの画像、誰本物の驚きと不思議を観察し、彼らの喜びの永遠の物質を満たし、彼らの魂の窓を越えて日を探していて、子供時代の思い …

  • Mastering the Nikon D500 Part 500

    Mastering the Nikon D500, Part 500
    Darrell Young

    The information in this book goes beyond the camera itself and also covers basic photography technique.

  • Fine Art Printing for Photographers

    Fine Art Printing for Photographers
    Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins

    The third edition of this best-selling book provides the necessary foundation for successful fine art printing: the understanding of color management, profiling, paper, and inks.

  • Profitable Album Design and Sales

    Profitable Album Design and Sales

    He shows you how to find the heart of each client’s story and how to shoot for the story using a three-act structure.

  • Canon EOS Rebel T2i 550D For Dummies

    Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D For Dummies
    Julie Adair King, Dan Burkholder

    But don't let all its fabulous features overwhelm you! This book starts by explaining all the bells and whistles and what they mean to you, the photographer.

  • Animerama

    Maria Roberta Novielli

    Come precisa nella sua introduzione Giannalberto Bendazzi – uno dei più importanti esperti e storici del cinema d’animazione mondiale -, «l’opera di Roberta Novielli è una ventata di aria fresca», poiché segna un punto di svolta …

  • Studio Photography and Lighting

    Studio Photography and Lighting
    Christian Hough

    This book gives clear, practical advice on how to get creative with and achieve the best from your studio lighting.

  • Beckett Deleuze and the Televisual Event

    Beckett, Deleuze and the Televisual Event
    C. Gardner

    An expressive dialogue between Deleuze's philosophical writings on cinema and Beckett's innovative film and television work, the book explores the relationship between the birth of the event – itself a simultaneous invention and erasure – …

  • Dislocated Screen Memory

    Dislocated Screen Memory
    Dijana Jelaca

    The links between cinema and war machines have long been established. This book explores the range, form, and valences of trauma narratives that permeate the most notable narrative films about the breakup of Yugoslavia.

  • Architectural Photography

    Architectural Photography
    Adrian Schulz

    Moreover, architects themselves will find this book motivating and inspiring. This second edition has been extensively revised and includes 80 new images and illustrations, as well as an expanded chapter on shooting interior spaces.

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