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  • Songs of Myself Quartet

    Songs of Myself: Quartet
    Ojaide, Tanure

    This collection incorporates some of these aspects of the oral poetic genre in its four-part structure. It deals with self-examination and the minstrel’s alter-ego as a way of attempting to know himself.

  • Directed by Desire

    Directed by Desire
    June Jordan

    The cloth edition of Directed by Desire was selected as a Library Journal Poetry Book of the Year and received the Lambda Book Award for Lesbian Poetry. June Jordan taught at UC Berkeley for many years and founded Poetry for the People.

  • Modern Rasputin

    Modern Rasputin
    Lyster, Rosa

    Eclectic, eccentric and eloquent, Modern Rasputin establishes Rosa Lyster as one of South Africa's most exciting young writers.

  • Transformational Images

    Transformational Images
    Adeleri Onisegun Ph.D.

    Transformational Images is replete with messages of hope and the possibilities for life's marvelous changes.

  • Sanctificum

    Christopher Abani

    This is Abani's fifth collection of poetry.

  • Burnt Offering

    Burnt Offering
    Joan Metelerkamp

    Burnt Offering is Joan Metelerkamp's seventh colllection of poems.

  • Night in a White Wood

    Night in a White Wood
    Jacqueline Hoefer

    It is certainly why I write poetry." *** JACQUELINE HOEFER's publications include "Imagining the Garden," a book of poems; "Weather Songs," three poems set to music by Lanham Deal; and critical essays on contemporary writers, among them, …

  • Oleander

    Fiona Zerbst

    Oleander charts experiences through which the self may be transformed. Ever since her first collection. Parting Shots (1991). I have been a devoted fan of Fiona Zerbst's work. With Oleander, her fourth collection.

  • Reflections of the Heart

    Reflections of the Heart
    Dewell H. Byrd

    Reflections of the Heart is the author's view of.

  • Empty Words

    Empty Words
    Silent Creek

    The world has been set on fire by not only the current wars over resources but also natural disasters like the Tsunami dominate today's times. Read how world leaders exploit any event to push through their hidden agendas.

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