Books in category Poetry – Anthologies (multiple authors)

  • Angry Voices

    Angry Voices
    Muḥammad Mutawallī

    With its edginess and play of styles, this collection showcases a dynamic, emergent scene.

  • The Journals of Scheherazade

    The Journals of Scheherazade
    Sheryl St. Germain

    In this collection of poetry the author finds, in the character of Scheherazade, a metaphor for what it means to write.

  • Three Miles Down

    Three Miles Down
    James Hamilton-Paterson

    James Hamilton-Paterson describes Three Miles Down (first published in 1998) as 'the account of a treasure hunt in 1995 which I joined as the expedition's chronicler.

  • The Human Face of Love

    The Human Face of Love
    Mary Rudge

    Those featured in this book have come together through poetry readings in Alameda, island in the San Francisco Bay, and, together, present an impassioned collection of poems, songs, art, journal excerpts, and stories showing the human face …

  • Favourite Poems of the Sea

    Favourite Poems of the Sea
    Howard Watson

    A wonderful anthology of poetry celebrating the British coastline and life above and below the deep blue sea.

  • Doctor Leeds Selection of Popular Epic Recitations For Minstrel Volume 1

    Doctor Leeds’ Selection of Popular Epic Recitations: For Minstrel …, Volume 1
    Robert X. Leeds

    A rare collection of 195 barroom story-poems including over 150 that have not been published in over 100 years.

  • The Book of Urizen

    The Book of Urizen
    William Blake

    Blake's powerful parody of the book of Genesis. Full-color reproductions of 27 hand-colored plates rich in energy and monumental grandeur. Printed transcription of poem.

  • City of Memory and Other Poems

    City of Memory and Other Poems
    Jose Emilio Pacheco, Cynthia Steele, David Lauer

    "Includes full texts of Miro la tierra and Ciudad de la memoria, translated by Lauer and Steele, respectively.

  • The Zoo of the New

    The Zoo of the New
    Don Paterson, Nick Laird

    This book is the condensed result of that search.

  • Poetry of the First World War

    Poetry of the First World War
    Tim Kendall

    The work of each poet is prefaced with a biographical account that sets the poems in their historical context. Although the War has now passed out of living memory, its haunting of our language and culture has not been exorcised.

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