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  • Chinese Narrative Poetry

    Chinese Narrative Poetry
    Dore Jesse Levy

    Chinese Narrative Poetry brings a new perspective to some of China's best-loved and most influential poems, including Ts'ai Yen's "Poem of Affliction," Po Chu-yi's "Song of Everlasting Sorrow," and Wei Chuang's recently discovered "Song of …

  • Victories Foibles

    Victories & Foibles
    David Seegal

    There are in America an unbelievable number of haiku poets. One of them was Dr. David Seegal. His short poems,which he called "haiku-senryu," are very characteristic of their author.

  • Gratitude

    Sam Hamill

    Poems that "let the song arise as it will," while showing that we must "learn to revise the life."

  • Intro to Haiku

    Intro to Haiku
    Harold Gould Henderson

    Harold G. Henderson was, from 1927 to 1929, the Assistant to the Curator of Far Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Musuem of Art.

  • The Classic Tradition of Haiku

    The Classic Tradition of Haiku
    Faubion Bowers

    DIVUnique collection spans over 400 years (1488–1902) of haiku by greatest masters: Basho, Issa, Shiki, many more. Translated by top-flight scholars. Foreword and many informative notes to the poems. /div

  • No Trace of the Gardener

    No Trace of the Gardener
    Mu Yang, Lawrence R. Smith, Michelle Mi-Hsi Yeh

    Drawing on avant-garde traditions of Europe and the United States as well as on the traditions of classical Chinese poetry and prose, his work explores intense sensuality, the anguish of war, exile, the colonial experience, and conflicting …

  • Modernism in Practice

    Modernism in Practice
    Leith Morton

    A significant dimension of this volume is the detailed and extensive treatment afforded two important areas of postwar Japanese verse: the poetry of women and of Okinawa.

  • The Selected Poems of Wang Wei

    The Selected Poems of Wang Wei
    Wei Wang, David Hinton

    A selection of definitive works by the acclaimed eighth-century Chinese writer offers insight into his mastery of the short imagistic landscape poem, his assiduous practice of Zen Buddhism, and ability to convey philosophical and sensory …

  •                     Hindi Sahitya

    आखिर समुद्र से तात्पर्य (Hindi Sahitya)
    नरेश मेहता, Naresh Mehta

    ये कविताएँ चौंकाने की दृष्टि से नहीं हैं बल्कि एक प्रकार से यह उस रचनात्मक विकास की सूचना …

  • Saris and a Single Malt

    Saris and a Single Malt
    Sweta Srivastava Vikram

    This collection will move you, astound you, and make you hug your loved ones. "There are few books like Saris and a Single Malt in which the loss of a mother, a homeland, and the self come together in a sustained elegy.

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