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  • Netted Rainbows

    Netted Rainbows
    Kevin Munro

    To keep up his literary skills, he began to write. In Netted Rainbows, Munro “documents” his illness through poems he wrote between 2005 and 2009 in Sydney, Australia.

  • Reality

    Pauline Hatton

    She trained as a psychiatric nurse in England and then moved to Adelaide, Australia. She has also trained in general nursing. This is her first book. Her next will feature more poetry and some short stories.

  • Museum of Space

    Museum of Space
    Peter Boyle

    No Marketing Blurb

  • 1001 Songs

    1001 Songs
    Toby Creswell

    RocKwiz 1001 Songs tells the stories behind the best and most popular songs of the last century.

  • Favourite Monsters

    Favourite Monsters
    James Brown

    "Full of stories, jokes, and stolen lines, this collection from a leading young New Zealand poet includes many voices and covers subjects ranging from world politics to parenthood, art, and religion."

  • Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry

    Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry
    John Kinsella, Tracy Ryan

    Featuring work from 134 poets, and including the work of many WA Indigenous poets, this watershed anthology brings together the poems that have contributed to and defined the ways that Western Australians see themselves.

  • James K Baxter

    James K. Baxter
    James K Baxter

    James K. Baxter: Poems offers a fresh, uniquely personal look at the work of Baxter, a rare insight into the creative relationship between two leading writers, and reminds how crucial it is that we listen to our poets.

  • Timelord Dreaming

    Timelord Dreaming
    David P Reiter

    Dr David P Reiter won the 2012 Western Australian Premier’s Award for My Planets Reunion Memoir. Timelord Dreaming continues his innovative work in the frontier between text and digital media.

  • Just This

    Just This
    Brian Turner

    The mountains and lakes of the central South Island have a strong presence in the imagery, while wry observations of people in that landscape move the collection far beyond the confines of simple landscape poetry.

  • The Possibility of Winds

    The Possibility of Winds
    Rosemary Huisman

    "This is a world wonderfully changed by Rosemary Huisman's fine observation, playful intelligence and true feeling. Her poetry gives us what we need: it helps us recognise ourselves even as it constantly surprises us.

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