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  • ASPoetry

    Wendy Lawson, Alice Blaes Calder

    In this illustrated collection of poems and short prose pieces, including some from her teenage years, Wendy engages with her past and present, writing about childhood, self-discovery, adulthood and friendship.

  • Liquefaction

    Iain Britton

    Poetry. Landscapes are created and figures emerge from those landscapes to inhabit them.

  • Netted Rainbows

    Netted Rainbows
    Kevin Munro

    Although Kevin Munro has written since high school and has had his work published in minor anthologies, this is his first published collection of works. He felt "the need to produce something worthwhile" as his world tumbled about him.

  • Blame Vermeer

    Blame Vermeer
    Vincent O’Sullivan

    Blame Vermeer is another fine collection of Vincent O'Sullivan's poems.

  • Dark Husk of Beauty

    Dark Husk of Beauty
    Andrew Leggett

    The title section addresses the beauty of the body subject to the ravages of passion, disease and death. The second section takes up the metaphor 'Prophecy'. Leggett: prize winner in the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award 2004.

  • Death and the Motorway Easyread Large Edition

    Death and the Motorway (Easyread Large Edition)
    David Gilbey

    A long-awaited collection from the much admired editor of the four W anthologies, Death and the Motorway traverses intimate and intellectual ground here and abroad with surety and insight.

  • Chsr Poetry Slam

    Chsr Poetry Slam
    Andrew Titus

    Poetry Slams are a gone-public, get-away-from-that-lonely-writer-in-a-garret-mentality, inhibition-free, no-holds theatresports for the bard in everyone.

  • Helen of Troy

    Helen of Troy
    Dimitris Tsaloumas

    Moving effortlessly between the Greek Islands and suburban Australia, these poems cross and recross the borders of structure and chaos, life and death, inner and outer worlds, dislocation and belonging.

  • Settler Dreaming

    Settler Dreaming
    Bernadette Hall

    "In poems that range from the wickedly funny to the hauntingly beautiful, Bernadette Hall explores the notion of the 'settler': the dreaming, the grieving, the baggage that must be jettisoned, the love that is both inheritance and hope for …

  • Furniture is Disappearing

    Furniture is Disappearing
    Gemma White

    Starkly unaware of herself and struggling to make the passage from child to adult, the narrator in this collection points the finger, repeatedly exposes her heart and wonders why things just never seem to work out.

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