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  • The Best Australian Poems 2016

    The Best Australian Poems 2016
    Sarah Holland-Batt

    Demonstrating the diversity, inventive brilliance and dynamism of our country’s finest poets, this collection features work from both rising stars and well-known figures, and presents a dazzling array of themes and styles.

  • Smoke Encrypted Whispers

    Smoke Encrypted Whispers
    Samuel Wagan Watson

    Exhilarating road poems, urban songlines and ancestral ties are the hallmarks of this popular young poet. This collection contains poems from all of Watson's publications as well as his unpublished new work.

  • Fresh News from the Arctic

    Fresh News from the Arctic
    Libby Hart

    This is a collection that investigates the human experience, parting the veil of the mundane to reveal passion, beauty, myth and mystery.

  • Holocaust Island

    Holocaust Island
    Graeme Dixon

    Contrasted with these are poems of spirited humour and sharp satire. In "Holocaust Island" a powerful new voice emerges from a history of displacement.

  • Honua

    Sage Uilani Takehiro

    This collection of postcolonial poems by an emerging Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) young woman poet from Hilo, Hawaii reflects a politically resistant fusion of hip hop, slam, hula, chant and mele. The title, Honua, means "land" or "earth.

  • Even Grimmer Tales

    Even Grimmer Tales
    Valerie Volk

    With witty prose pieces to set the scene and Leszek Hermanowicz's clever drawings to enhance the mood, each poem becomes a tour de force, demonstrating how these tales still have relevance today. The Brothers would certainly approve!

  • New Selected Poems

    New Selected Poems
    Les Murray

    For working always beyond your own intelligence. —from "The Instrument" New Selected Poems contains Les Murray's own gathering from the full range of his poetry—from the 1960s through Taller When Prone (2004) and including previously …

  • Men Briefly Explained

    Men Briefly Explained
    Tim Jones

    Thought provoking, impertinent, irreverent, witty, startling, this collection will have you mesmerised from start to finish.

  • Waltzing Matilda

    Waltzing Matilda
    Dennis O’Keeffe

    Given the facts outlined in this story, they will be further captivated and embrace the song for decades to come.

  • Shades of the Sublime Beautiful

    Shades of the Sublime & Beautiful
    John Kinsella

    Australian John Kinsella is one of the most highly regarded poets currently writing in English.

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