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  • Dance Monster

    Dance, Monster!
    Stan Rogal

    Drawing from a variety of sources including folksong, philosophy, linguistics, chaos theory, theatre and sexuality, Stan Rogal's poetry is a rollicking and adroit expression of the world in flux.

  • Apostrophe

    Bill Kennedy

    . . Apostrophe is: a) a figure of speech in which a person, an abstract quality or a nonexistent entity is addressed as though present b) a poem written in 1993 in which every sentence is an apostrophe c) a

  • Poetics of Place

    Poetics of Place
    Dermot McCarthy

    A Poetics of Place provides the only available examination of the career of this pre-eminent Canadian poet, as well as insightful, new readings of almost all his poems.

  • Crabwise to the Hounds

    Crabwise to the Hounds
    Jeramy Dodds

    There s an elegance here that matches Dodds impulse to challenge the reader with fresh metaphor and astonishing phrasing; the formal ambitions of many of the poems in "Crabwise to the Hounds" are balanced by an inclination towards wordplay …

  • Musing

    Jonathan Locke Hart

    Musing is a book of sonnets, combining one of poetry's most classic forms with history and landscape.

  • Canadian Crusoes

    Canadian Crusoes
    Catherine Parr Strickland Traill

    This absorbing story about three children of Scottish and French origin who become lost on the Rice Lake Plains in the late eighteenth century provides the author with an opportunity to contemplate important themes of Canadian literature …

  • Kites

    George Whipple

    Kites features playful poems and drawings by the author. Though tethered to everyday realities, they reach for something other.

  • The Love Project

    The Love Project
    Georgina Ruth Smith

    Hope. Love. Longing. Fear. Anger. Pain. Despair. These are the emotions that unify all human beings regardless of race, culture, country, or social standing.

  • Match

    Helen Guri

    Showing an uncanny access to the voice of the rejected, unimpressive, emotionally challenged modern male, Helen Guri's debut collection explores Robert's transition from lost and lonely to loved.

  • Li l Bastard

    Li’l Bastard
    David McGimpsey

    Pop culture sonnets as a midlife-crisis confessional. "Li'l Bastard" covers the three poetic Bs: baseball, beer, and "Barnaby Jones."

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