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  • Dance Monster

    Dance, Monster!
    Stan Rogal

    Drawing from a variety of sources including folksong, philosophy, linguistics, chaos theory, theatre and sexuality, Stan Rogal's poetry is a rollicking and adroit expression of the world in flux.

  • Apostrophe

    Bill Kennedy

    . . Apostrophe is: a) a figure of speech in which a person, an abstract quality or a nonexistent entity is addressed as though present b) a poem written in 1993 in which every sentence is an apostrophe c) a

  • Certain Details

    Certain Details
    Nelson Ball

    The book is introduced by editor and poet Stuart Ross, who offers a personal entry point into Nelson Ball’s extraordinary oeuvre.

  • Lemon Hound

    Lemon Hound
    Sina Queyras

    This is a poetry not of snapshots or collages but of long-exposed captures of the not-so-still lives of women.

  • Butterfly Farmer

    Butterfly Farmer
    Jaroslav (Jerry) Petryshyn

    In any case, poetry is very much like Art – a matter of personal experiences and taste. Hopefully, this work has a sufficient combination of language, structure and versatility to strike a resonance with the reader.

  • Barking Biting

    Barking & Biting
    Sina Queyras

    This collection brings together representative work from Sina Queyras’s poetic oeuvre. Queyras is at the forefront of contemporary discussions of genre, gender, and criticism of poetry.

  • In Flanders Fields and Other Poems

    In Flanders Fields and Other Poems
    John McCrae

    “In Flanders Fields,” the iconic poem which gives its title to this collection of poems and selected prose, is one of Canada’s — and the world’s — best known poems of the Great War.

  • A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People

    A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People
    Gabe Foreman

    A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People is not your average reference book.

  • The Thin Smoke of the Heart

    The Thin Smoke of the Heart
    Tim Bowling

    A bald eagle in a riverside fir stares at the uncarved faces of a thousand pumpkins sagging into frost behind a barn of faded planks.

  • Apostrophes VI

    Apostrophes VI
    E. D. Blodgett

    These sixty-six poems open the natural world to embrace human passage. In Apostrophes VI, E.D. Blodgett returns to his acclaimed series to invite the reader to open the grass-to open the book of creation and consider its wisdom.

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