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  • Poemas

    José Gautier Benítez

    Features a selection of poems from one of Puerto Rico's best romanticists, who was born in Caguas, studied and graduated from the Spanish military school in Toledo, and who, after leaving the military, devoted his time and energies to his …

  • The essential Neruda

    The essential Neruda
    Pablo Neruda, Mark Eisner

    New translations of Neruda's most important poems, gathered to celebrate the centennial of his birth.

  • Poemas

    Juana Borrero

    El poeta y ensayista cubano Cintio Vitier dijo de la «niña prodigio» cubana —que falleció antes de los veinte años, dejando poesías, cartas y pinturas famosas—: «El destino de Juana hay que entenderlo desde los supuestos ultra …

  • City of Memory and Other Poems

    City of Memory and Other Poems
    Jose Emilio Pacheco, Cynthia Steele, David Lauer

    "Includes full texts of Miro la tierra and Ciudad de la memoria, translated by Lauer and Steele, respectively.

  • The Major Latin Poems of Jacopo Sannazaro

    The Major Latin Poems of Jacopo Sannazaro
    Jacopo Sannazaro, Ralph Nash

    Ralph Nash's translations of Sannazaro's Italian and Latin works have done much to restore to this neglected writer some of the luster he earned as one of the Renaissance's greatest imitators of the literary traditions inherited from …

  • Madwomen

    Gabriela Mistral

    This groundbreaking collection presents poems from Mistral’s final published volume as well as new editions of posthumous work, featuring the first English-language appearance of many essential poems.

  • Sea Grapes

    Sea Grapes
    Derek Walcott

    " This collection of new poems in every way confirms Walcott's mastery. He is also the author of The Gulf, Dream on Monkey Mountain and Other Plays, and Another Life.

  • Baldo Books 13 15

    Baldo, Books 13-15
    Teofilo Folengo

    This edition provides the first English translation of this hilarious send-up of ancient epic and Renaissance chivalric romance.

  • La ciudad de los muertos

    La ciudad de los muertos
    José Homero

    La poesía de La ciudad de los muertos oscila entre el amor y el erotismo, entre la vida y la muerte, en un diálogo constante lleno de misterios.

  • Tiempos Lejanos

    Tiempos Lejanos
    Nasario Garcia

    The poems in this book, presented in Spanish and English, take us back to the village of Ojo del Padre, now called Guadalupe, New Mexico, in the late 1940s and early 1950s, when such villages were about to leap from the preindustrial era …

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