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  • Baldo Books 13 15

    Baldo, Books 13-15
    Teofilo Folengo

    This edition provides the first English translation of this hilarious send-up of ancient epic and Renaissance chivalric romance.


    Natasha Tsakos

    COLOURS a nonsense by Natasha Tsakos THE ART BOOK ✭✭✭✭✭Gold Winner IBPA Benjamin Franklin Digital Award COLOURS is an absurd tragicomedy for six characters.

  • Complete Poems and Selected Letters of John Keats

    Complete Poems and Selected Letters of John Keats
    John Keats

    This Modern Library edition contains all of Keats's magnificent verse: 'Lamia,' 'Isabella,' and 'The Eve of St. Agnes'; his sonnets and odes; the allegorical romance Endymion; and the five-act poetic tragedy Otho the Great.

  • Georgics


    Part agricultural manual, part political poem and allegory, the Georgics' scenes are real and vivid, and the poet-farmer Peter Fallon restores to life the sights, sounds, and textures of the ancient Italian landscape.

  • Inferno The Divine Comedy I The Divine Comedy I Volume 1

    Inferno: The Divine Comedy I: The Divine Comedy I, Volume 1

    Describing Dante's descent into Hell midway through his life with Virgil as a guide, Inferno depicts a cruel underworld in which desperate figures are condemned to eternal damnation for committing one or more of seven deadly sins.

  • Herman Gorter Poems of 1890

    Herman Gorter: Poems of 1890
    Herman Gorter

    This is a valuable collection that revisits Gorter’s literary and political legacy, and introduces English-speaking readers to a selection of his most accessible and lyrical poems

  • The Book of Past

    The Book of Past
    Iam Dreamfire

    A poetry collection of the dark and light journey into the mind of a socially conscious youth.

  • The Descent into Hell

    The Descent into Hell

    Many have made the journey. None have ever returned… Wandering through a dark forest, Dante finds himself at the gates to the underworld. Despite his terror, he dares to enter the Circles of Hell, where the damned lie in torment.

  • The Aeneid

    The Aeneid

    Virgil originally wrote his epic poem, The Aeneid, in Latin around 20 BCE. This is an unabridged version of the English translation by John Dryden, first published in 1697.

  • The Prosceniad

    The Prosceniad
    Justin T. C. Chadbourn

    He must face all that lies on the other side of the arch to become legend. With The Prosceniad opened, will the worlds find the end of an age, or will the hero conquer the lurking evil?

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