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  • When a Woman Loves a Man

    When a Woman Loves a Man
    David Lehman

    When a Woman Loves a Man is playful, inventive, and as amusing as it is clever; it is the work of a poet at the height of his lyrical and reflective powers.



    Amazing life experiences, joy, love, disappointments, and despair, does not bring the spirit down but makes you ride high up on the successful horse to rectify the difficulties, and create great memories.

  • Under The Shadow Of His Wings

    Under The Shadow Of His Wings
    Larry Duce Cobb

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Mr. Cobb does an exceptional job in simplifying the complexity of life’s lessons. From personal experiences, frequent spiritual awakenings, quick wittedness and shrewdness throughout his writing.

  • The Shape of the Dance

    The Shape of the Dance
    Michael Donaghy

    This companion volume to the Collected Poems gathers together the best of his writing on poetry and the arts, as well as a number of fascinating and revealing interviews.

  • Rivers of Refreshing

    Rivers of Refreshing
    Timothy T. Ajani, PhD

    This book also doubles as a devotional, with each poem preceded by a relevant Bible verse that captures both the spirit and content of the poem it introduces.

  • This Is How We Find Each Other

    This Is How We Find Each Other
    Fortesa Latifi

    With her gift for compassion and insight, Fortesa's poems are at once both gentle and cutting. "I used to not really enjoy reading poetry. Then I discovered Fortesa Latifi's poetry, and that changed completely.

  •     е    е

    Я твое ничего
    Ми Сол

    Эта книга является переизданием моего первого сборника, который вышел в 2013 году. Если бы меня попросили описать одним словом, о чем …

  • Antolog a po tica

    Antología poética
    Juan Carlos López Nieto

    Don Íñigo López de Mendoza (1398-1458), desde 1445 marqués de Santillana y conde del Real de Manzanares, aparece como un prototipo de magnate castellano de la época.

  • Ghostlier Demarcations

    Ghostlier Demarcations
    Michael Davidson

    One of today's most respected critics of twentieth-century poetry and poetics, Michael Davidson argues that literary materiality has been dominated by an ideology of modernism, based on the ideal of the autonomous work of art, which has …

  • Obras completas de Manuel Scorza Redoble por rancas

    Obras completas de Manuel Scorza: Redoble por rancas
    Manuel Scorza

    La obra de Scorza se agiganta al paso del tiempo.

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