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    Marcel Desportes dans cet effort magistral de translation voyait en Virgile "un Voyant" et sur tous les plans "un devancier", "notre contemporain" permanent.

  • When a Woman Loves a Man

    When a Woman Loves a Man
    David Lehman

    When a Woman Loves a Man is playful, inventive, and as amusing as it is clever; it is the work of a poet at the height of his lyrical and reflective powers.

  • Poetic Closure

    Poetic Closure
    Barbara Herrnstein Smith

    Explores the question: How do poems end? This work examines numerous individual poems and examples of common poetic forms in order to reveal the relationship between closure and the overall structure and integrity of a poem.

  • My Life in Times and I Made It

    My Life in Times and I Made It
    Ruthie Lee Willis

    We need to grasp all our energy today. We never know when our day will come. So I urge you so plain, grab that moment and run . . . Readers Review Dear Ruthie, Thank you for sharing – Your book has touched my heart. I appreciate it.

  • Jerusalem Delivered

    Jerusalem Delivered
    Torquato Tasso, Anthony M. Esolen

    Tasso's masterpiece finally emerges as an English masterpiece.

  • Melodies of the Heart

    Melodies of the Heart
    Charles J. Stock

    Love Story: A fascinating story how family friends, who had not seen each other in fourteen years and only four times in forty-five years, began courting via email.

  • A Menorah for Athena

    A Menorah for Athena
    Stephen Fredman

    A Menorah for Athena, the first extended treatment of Reznikoff's work, appears at a time of renewed interest in his contribution to American poetry.

  • This Country of Mothers

    This Country of Mothers
    Julianna Baggott

    A mosaic of memories, the poems of This Country of Mothers recollect Julianna Baggott’s experiences as both mother and daughter. With wit, compassion, aggression, and anxiety, Baggott examines her maternal history.

  • Of No Country I Know

    Of No Country I Know
    David Ferry

    Collects new writings as well as poems from the author's books "Strangers," "Dwelling Places," and "On the Way to the Island," and includes selections from his translations of Virgil, Horace, and the Babylonian epic "Gilgamesh"


    Catarino Nieto Peña

    El Canalizador, Catarino Nieto Peña, Soy Un Joven de 74 AÑOS, Nací en 1938, Contador de Profesión, Trabaje en Empresas por un Tiempo de 50 años, Soy Pensionado, En Mi Juventud, Tenía Inquietudes pero no Encontraba las Respuestas, Fue …

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