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  • The Selected Poetry Of Yehuda Amichai

    The Selected Poetry Of Yehuda Amichai
    Yehuda Amichai

    In this collection, renowned translators Chana Bloch and Stephen Mitchell have selected Amichai's most beloved poems, including forty poems from his later work.

  • The Procession

    The Procession
    Kahlil Gibran

    This collection of dramatic poems uses the dialogue between age and youth as a platform to discuss deep subjects such as freedom, death, and the eternal soul.

  •                                         ت 195

    شعر الشنفرى الأزدي لأبي فيد مؤرج بن عمرو السدوسي (ت 195 هـ)
    علي ناصر غالب

    نال شعر الصعاليك الجاهلين اهتمام الباحثين دراسة وتحقيقا، فالتفتوا إلى أولئك الشعراء الذين اتسمت حياتهم بالتمرد على واقعهم مما …

  • خارجي قبل الآوان
    صبحي حديدي

    كان ما اخترته قد نهض على مزيج من ذائقة شخصية، وقناعة – سعت أن تكون موضوعية، ما أمكن الأمر – بأنّ هذه النماذج جديرة بتعريف القارئ …

  • Sweet Measure of Despair

    Sweet Measure of Despair
    Hande Yeltekin Meissner

    "Remember the innocence, shameless confidence of my existence" "We met life on its own terms We washed our wounds with salt water" "Under the judgmental eyes of strangers Darkness throttles me" "came to life, death, love and faith Had to …

  • Amir Khusro The Nightingale of India

    Amir Khusro, The Nightingale of India
    Khalid Hameed Shaida

    With a classical vision of the Persian mystic and poetic experience, the translator, Khalid Hameed Shaida, provides readers with yet another translation of a lesser-known Persian favorite.

  •        ت

    و چنین گفت مولوی – نگرشی دیگر بر مثنوی معنوی
    Mehdi Sayahzadeh, مهدی سیاح زاده

    ketab – sherkat ketab – – ketab corp – entesharat mehrandish – شرکت کتاب خوانندگان گرامی چنانچه در دریافت و خواندن کتاب، مجلات و یلوپیج شرکت کتاب با مشکلی …

  • Rubayat

    Salah Jaheen

    Salah Jaheen the author of these Rubayat , was an extraordinary character who lived among us, and who expressed, unfailingly, the qualities of this Egyptian soul in his drawings, poetry and songs .

  • Una trilogia palestinese

    Una trilogia palestinese
    Mahmud Darwish

    “Il più grande poeta del mondo” José Saramago “Se il nostro mondo fosse un po’ più sensibile e intelligente, più attento alla grandiosità quasi sublime di alcune delle vite che vi si generano, il nome di Mahmud Darwish sarebbe …

  • A Little Book of Persian Poetry

    A Little Book of Persian Poetry
    Glen Alberto Salazar

    A Little Book of Persian poetry presents an anthology of the treasured classics written by Rumi, Saadi and Hafez.

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