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  • نفس
    بديع ابو شقرا

    لا أريد أن أتنفس هواء غباء… أريد أن أتنفس لغطأ بين رجل وإمرأة بين رحل ورجل بين إمرأة ورجل نساء ورجال ونسان أحتاج إلى نفس

  • ت    ت

    Simin Behbahani, سیمین بهبهانی

    خانه خونین است خانه‌ام ابری‌ستنیما یوشیجخانه ابری بود روزی، خانه خونین است اینک آنچنان بود، اینچنین شد، حال ما این است اینک …

  • Abraham Shlonsky

    Abraham Shlonsky
    Ari Ofengenden

    The book is indispensable for understanding Modern Hebrew and Jewish culture, and more generally as an exemplar of today's more prevalent hybridizations of tradition and modernity.

  • Stripped to the Bone

    Stripped to the Bone
    Ghada Alatrash

    Set between war-torn Syria and the West, Stripped to the Bone explores issues of identity, love, strife, courage and resilience in seven fictional portraits of Syrian women / women of Syria. Widely reviewed on PBS, CBC and on social media.

  • Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone

    Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone?
    Mahmoud Darwish

    Why Did You Leave the Horse Alone? is a poetry of myth and history, of exile and suspended time, of an identity bound to his displaced people and to the rich Arabic language.

  • The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai

    The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai
    Yehuda Amichai

    With this collection, Amichai’s vital poetic voice is now available to English readers as it never has been before.

  • The Magic My Body Becomes

    The Magic My Body Becomes
    Jess Rizkallah

    It is the first book in the Etel Adnan Poetry Series, publishing first or second books of poetry in English by writers of Arab heritage.

  • Kahlil Gibran

    Kahlil Gibran
    Suheil Bushrui, Joe Jenkins

    Going beyond the many myths that surround Gibran, Bushrui and Jenkins chart his colourful life, his dramatic love affairs, and his artistic achievements, to present a unique portrait of a remarkable man.

  • لما كنا
    محمد إبراهيم

    وياما بشوف من الدنيا حاجات أغرب من السيما وربك برضه ليه حكمة وليه حسبة وتقسيمة وانا اللي مشيت وانا مآمن وسِبْت مشاعري واطمنت نسيت إن …

  •                 913 8 8 1010 8 14

    ديوان القرن الرابع (913/8/8 – 1010/8/14 م) – الجزء الثاني
    آية الله الدکتور الشیخ محمّد صادق محمّد الکرباسي

    Fourth Century (Hijra) Poetry: v. 2: 1010/8/14 – 913/8/8 (Hussaini Encyclopedia)

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