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  • Rumi The Big Red Book

    Rumi: The Big Red Book
    Coleman Barks

    With The Big Red Book, acclaimed poet and Rumi interpreter Coleman Barks offers a never-before-published translation of a crucial anthology of poems widely considered to be one of Persian literature’s greatest treasures.

  • A Brave New Quest

    A Brave New Quest
    Talât Sait Halman, Jayne L. Warner

    These poems are infused with their own unique flavors while speaking in an unmistakably universal style. –Syracuse University Press.

  • I ve Learned Some Things

    I’ve Learned Some Things
    Ataol Behramoglu, Walter G. Andrews

    I've Learned Some Things allows English-language readers the rare opportunity to experience the work of Ataol Behramoğlu, one of Turkey's most celebrated poets.

  • The Earth Gods

    The Earth Gods
    Kahlil Gibran

    "The Earth Gods, the last book to be published while Gibran was still in this world, came into the poet's hands two weeks before he was to lay aside all earthly volumes.

  • The Rubaiyat of Esmail Khoi

    The Rubaiyat of Esmail Khoi
    Esmail Khoi

  • الشوارد
    عائض القرني

    هذا كتاب يَلُمُّ شوارد الأبيات، وجوامع الحكم، استخلصتها من بطون الكتب، وهي واسطة العِقْد في القصائد، وتختصر الطريق لمن أراد الوصول …

  • I Heard God Laughing

    I Heard God Laughing

    . . . This newly released edition of his first playful foray into Hafiz's divinely inspired poetry is essential reading . . .

  • Rumi Past and Present East and West

    Rumi – Past and Present, East and West
    Franklin D. Lewis

    Painstakingly researched by a leading expert, this new anniversary edition of the award-winning biography examines the background, the legacy, and the continuing significance of Jalâl al-Din Rumi, 800 years after he was born.

  • Sin

    Forugh Farrokhzad, Sholeh Wolpe, Alicia Ostriker

    Annotation. Winner of the 2010 Lois Roth Persian Translation Prize.

  • نزيف القلب العاشق
    محمد وجيه

    نزيف القلب العاشق .. الوتر الحزين .. غاية في الأحاسيس والمشاعر.. لسان يخاطب القلوب.. يتوغل بين عالم الوطن والحب.. يأخذنا في جولة مع ذات …

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