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  • Leaving Tulsa

    Leaving Tulsa
    Jennifer Elise Foerster

    The imagery that cycles through the poems—fire, shell, highway, wing—gives the collection a rich lyrical-dramatic texture.

  • The twilight of the Sioux The song of the Indian Wars The song of the Messiah

    The twilight of the Sioux: The song of the Indian Wars. The song of the Messiah

    The second volume of A Cycle of the West, dealing with the tragic defeat of the Plains Indians, includes The Song of the Indian Wars (1925) and The Song of the Messiah (1935).

  • Creative Alliances

    Creative Alliances
    Molly McGlennen

    Through this work McGlennen reveals how poetry becomes a tool for navigating through the dislocations of urban life, disenrollment, diaspora, migration, and queer identities.

  • Red Tears

    Red Tears
    David Two Bears

    Today of all days is the time to see and feel the RED TEARS and allow them to touch your heart and soul. Yet to bring a newness of life with warmth, love, peace and humor.

  • A urna guarani

    A urna guarani
    Degrazia,Jose Eduardo

    Livro de poesias de Jose Eduardo Degrazia sobre as Missões no Rio Grande do Sul.

  • The Shadow s Horse

    The Shadow’s Horse
    Diane Glancy

    A collection of poetry focuses on the stockyards of mid-century Kansas City, where Glancy's father worked, intertwined with other verses reflecting Cherokee heritage, Christian belief, and contemplating domesticity and womanhood.

  • Coconut Milk

    Coconut Milk
    Dan Taulapapa McMullin

    Throughout the collection, McMullin illustrates various manifestations of geopolitical, cultural, linguistic, and sexual colonialism.

  • I Swallow Turquoise for Courage

    I Swallow Turquoise for Courage
    Hershman R. John

    Although these poems are lush with imagery of sunbaked lands, they are never sentimental. Throughout this collection, the poetÕs voice is confident, assured, and engaged with life in a messy world.

  • War Dances

    War Dances
    Sherman Alexie

    Ordinary men stand at the threshold of profound change, from a story about a famous writer caring for a dying but still willful father, to the tale of a young Indian boy who learns to value his own life by appreciating the deaths of others.

  • Pola Negri

    Pola Negri
    Mariusz Kotowski

    Kliatt magazine has praised his work, stating, "Survant's words sing…. This is storytelling at its best.

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