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  • Follow the Blackbirds

    Follow the Blackbirds
    Gwen Nell Westerman

    Grounded in vivid story and memory, Westerman draws on both English and the Dakota language to celebrate the long journey along sunflower-lined highways of the tallgrass prairies of the Great Plains that returns her to a place filled with …

  • Leaving Tulsa

    Leaving Tulsa
    Jennifer Elise Foerster

    The imagery that cycles through the poems—fire, shell, highway, wing—gives the collection a rich lyrical-dramatic texture.

  • The twilight of the Sioux The song of the Indian Wars The song of the Messiah

    The twilight of the Sioux: The song of the Indian Wars. The song of the Messiah

    The second volume of A Cycle of the West, dealing with the tragic defeat of the Plains Indians, includes The Song of the Indian Wars (1925) and The Song of the Messiah (1935).

  • Ennui and the New Canoe

    Ennui and the New Canoe
    Pamela Lillian Valemont

    A story that reminds children not to waste their talents, or undervalue themselves. Expressed poetically through unique Australian slang, this tale will encourage children to believe in themselves, be true to their own identity.

  • The Native Americans Who Changed the World Biography Kids Children s United States Biographies

    The Native Americans Who Changed the World – Biography Kids | Children’s United States Biographies
    Baby Professor

    A long time ago, people looked on the Native Americans because they had a rather peculiar way of living.

  • Creative Alliances

    Creative Alliances
    Molly McGlennen

    Through this work McGlennen reveals how poetry becomes a tool for navigating through the dislocations of urban life, disenrollment, diaspora, migration, and queer identities.

  • Red Tears

    Red Tears
    David Two Bears

    Today of all days is the time to see and feel the RED TEARS and allow them to touch your heart and soul. Yet to bring a newness of life with warmth, love, peace and humor.

  • Cell Traffic

    Cell Traffic
    Heid E. Erdrich

    In this collection, she turns her observational eye to the search for a genetic mother of humanity, forensic anthropology's quest for the oldest known bones, and online offers of genetic testing.

  • Streaming

    Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

    Split This Rock Recommended Poetry Books of 2014 Praise for Allison Adelle Hedge Coke: "These are the songs of righteous anger and utter beauty."—Joy Harjo From "Carcass": Split skin stretched over marrowless cage, encased dry tomb, like …

  • The Shadow s Horse

    The Shadow’s Horse
    Diane Glancy

    A collection of poetry focuses on the stockyards of mid-century Kansas City, where Glancy's father worked, intertwined with other verses reflecting Cherokee heritage, Christian belief, and contemplating domesticity and womanhood.

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