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  • As alegres comadres do brasil vol 3 o reino da ilus o no banco dos r us

    As alegres comadres do brasil – vol. 3 – o reino da ilusão no banco dos réus
    Rinaldo Dos Santos

    As comadres colocam o alto comando do Brasil no banco dos réus: Executivo, Legislativo e Judiciário, desde o minúsculo município até o esplendor de Brasília, ressaltando a montanha de dinheiro que escoa pelo ralo, sem beneficiar os …

  • Menembus Batas

    Menembus Batas
    David Barsamian, Liem Siok Lan

    Manusia dikelompokkan dalam kategori “pemenang” (winner) dan “pecundang” (loser).

  • From Foreign Natives to Native Foreigners Explaining Xenophobia in Post apartheid South Africa

    From ‘Foreign Natives’ to ‘Native Foreigners’. Explaining Xenophobia in Post-apartheid South Africa
    Michael Neocosmos

    State liberal politics have remained largely unchallenged. As in other cases of post-colonial transition in Africa, the hegemony of xenophobic discourse, the book shows, is to be sought in the character of the state consensus.

  • Extending Citizenship Reconfiguring States

    Extending Citizenship, Reconfiguring States
    Michael P. Hanagan, Charles Tilly

    Extending Citizenship, Reconfiguring States presents a thematically unified analysis of changing citizenship practices over two centuries-from the eve of the French Revolution to contemporary China.

  • Carousel 8 Down

    Carousel 8 Down
    Peter Blaikie

    This book on Canadian Politics describes some of the things that are wrong with this country politically, economically and socially.

  • Soldiers to Citizens

    Soldiers to Citizens
    Suzanne Mettler

    "A hell of a gift, an opportunity." "Magnanimous." "One of the greatest advantages I ever experienced." These are the voices of World War II veterans, lavishing praise on their beloved G.I. Bill.

  • The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

    The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
    Stephen Coleman, Jay G. Blumler

    This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.

  • How Internet Radio Can Change the World

    How Internet Radio Can Change the World
    Eric Lee

    In early 2004, the author launched the first online labor radio station and this book reveals exactly what was involved in setting it up.

  • Schools of Democracy

    Schools of Democracy
    Julien Talpin

    However, this book also shows that citizens can become disappointed by the little decision-making power they are granted, as they leave the process often more cynical than before.

  • The Politics of Historic Districts

    The Politics of Historic Districts
    William Edgar Schmickle

    Politics of Historic Districts is your political battle plan in a fight to designate a local historic district.

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