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  • Civic Virtue and the Sovereignty of Evil

    Civic Virtue and the Sovereignty of Evil
    Derek Edyvane

    This book articulates a new perspective on public morality in uncertain times by defending a radical re-orientation of civic ethics away from the pursuit of the good society and toward the prevention of the great evils of human life.

  • Citizens strangers and in betweens essays on immigration

    Citizens, strangers, and in-betweens: essays on immigration …
    Peter H. Schuck

    Presents a collection of essays that look at the effects of immigration in the United States after 1965 and how it affects traditional American values and practices; how the courts, states, and Congress are responding to immigration; and …

  • Extending Citizenship Reconfiguring States

    Extending Citizenship, Reconfiguring States
    Michael P. Hanagan, Charles Tilly

    Extending Citizenship, Reconfiguring States presents a thematically unified analysis of changing citizenship practices over two centuries-from the eve of the French Revolution to contemporary China.

  • The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

    The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
    Stephen Coleman, Jay G. Blumler

    This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.


    Stephen L. Carter

    At the heart of this work is a rereading of the Declaration of Independence that puts dissent, not consent, at the center of the question of the legitimacy of democratic government.

  • Political Systems of East Asia

    Political Systems of East Asia
    Louis D. Hayes

    The book describes the ways in which a shared Confucian tradition and particular historical experiences of imperialism and war have affected each country's internal dynamics, responses to the outside world, and distinctive political …

  • Publius and Political Imagination

    Publius and Political Imagination
    Jason Frank

    Jason Frank’s Publius and Political Imagination is the first volume of the Modernity and Political Thought series to take as its focus not a single author, but collaboration between political philosophers, in this very special case the …

  • The Tyranny of Good Intentions

    The Tyranny of Good Intentions
    Paul Craig Roberts, Lawrence M. Stratton

    This book is a sobering wake-up call to reclaim that which is rightly ours—liberty protected by the rule of law. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Speaking Rights to Power

    Speaking Rights to Power
    Alison Brysk

    Combining a normative contribution with judicious critique, this book shows how human rights rhetoric matters-and how to make it matter more.

  • Situating Global Resistance

    Situating Global Resistance
    Lara Montesinos Coleman, Karen Tucker

    This book was published as a special issue of Globalizations.

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