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  • Reimagining Canada

    Reimagining Canada
    Jeremy Webber

    Webber begins by showing how different conceptions of culture, language, and nation shaped Canada's constitutional negotiations from 1960 until the referendum of 1992.

  • Ireland and the Federal Solution

    Ireland and the Federal Solution
    John Kendle

    Ireland and the Federal Solution gives a lucid appraisal of what was meant at the time by the terms "federalism," "home rule all round," and "devolution" and evaluates how firmly the participants grasped the constitutional similarities and …

  • Journalists in Peril

    Journalists in Peril
    Nancy J. Woodhull, Robert W. Snyder

    Chapters and contributors to "Journalists in Peril "include: "The Clash of Arms in Exotic Locales" by Peter Arnett; "Press Freedom–Balkan Style" by Kati Marton; "Grim Prospects for Hong Kong" by John Schidlovsky; "Russian Reporters- …

  • Legitimacy and History

    Legitimacy and History
    Paul W. Kahn

    This powerfully conceptualized book is both a rich intellectual history of two hundred years of American constitutional theory and an original philosophical inquiry into the possibility of self-government.

  • Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Firstly, elections must be organised by an impartial body in an independent and transparent manner; this is the main message in this publication.

  • How Social Movements Die

    How Social Movements Die
    Christian Davenport

    How do social movements die? Some explanations highlight internal factors like factionalization, whereas others stress external factors like repression. Christian Davenport offers an alternative explanation where both factors interact.

  • Canada s Constitutional Monarchy

    Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy
    Nathan Tidridge

    Even government publications routinely cast the Crown as merely a symbolic institution with no impact on the daily lives of Canadians — this is simply not true. Errors such as these are echoed in school textbooks and curriculum outlines.

  • The Price of Politics

    The Price of Politics
    Kyle Scott

    This book makes the unconventional claim that all of the rights in the U.S. Constitution are unified since they are derived from the same sources.

  • A Well Regulated Militia The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America

    A Well-Regulated Militia: The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America
    Saul Cornell

    Includes information on Aymette v.

  • Constitutional Context

    Constitutional Context
    Kathleen S. Sullivan

    A challenging and thoughtful study of what is commonly thought of as an era of progress, Constitutional Context provides the groundwork for a more comprehensive understanding and interpretation of constitutional law.

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