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  • In Praise of Barbarians

    In Praise of Barbarians
    Mike Davis

    A bold collection of essays and polemics from the world-renowned social critic Mike Davis.

  • The Idea That Is America

    The Idea That Is America
    Anne-Marie Slaughter

    In The Idea That Is America, Anne-Marie Slaughter shows us the way forward.

  • Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Firstly, elections must be organised by an impartial body in an independent and transparent manner; this is the main message in this publication.

  • Churchill and Strategic Dilemmas Before the World Wars

    Churchill and Strategic Dilemmas Before the World Wars
    Michael I. Handel, John H. Maurer

    This volume examines Churchill's views about the rise of German and Japanese power, and how the growing armed strength of these two countries undermined the security of Britain and its empire.

  • Negative Revolution

    Negative Revolution
    Artemy Magun

    This thought-provoking work analyzes concrete political events and reinterprets key concepts in modern political science.

  • Ending Poverty in America

    Ending Poverty in America
    John Edwards, Marion Crain, Arne L. Kalleberg

    A blueprint for ending poverty in America, based on the philosophies of leading scholars, businesspeople, and activists and published in conjunction with the country's top anti-poverty centers, addresses a range of issues, from job creation …

  • The New Leviathan

    The New Leviathan
    Roger Kimball

    Encounter Broadsides is a series of critical pamphlets from Encounter Books.

  • Visions of Peace

    Visions of Peace
    Dr Takashi Shogimen, Dr Vicki A Spencer

    This book examines Western and Asian visions of peace that existed prior to c.1800 by bringing together experts from a variety of intellectual traditions.

  • Politique pĂ nale en Europe

    Politique pénale en Europe
    Conseil de l’Europe

    Cet ouvrage traite des politiques pĂ©nales des États membres du Conseil de l'Europe et rĂ©unit des exemples de pratiques prometteuses de certains pays qui pourraient en stimuler d'autres, tout en rappelant que le transfert de telles …

  • Technological Slavery

    Technological Slavery
    Theodore J. Kaczynski

    Feral House does not support or justify Kaczynski's crimes, nor does the author receive royalties or compensation for this book.

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