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  • Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Organisation of Elections by an Impartial Body

    Firstly, elections must be organised by an impartial body in an independent and transparent manner; this is the main message in this publication.

  • A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

    A Power Governments Cannot Suppress
    Howard Zinn

    A Power Governments Cannot Suppress is Howard Zinn’s major new collection of essays on American history, class, immigration, justice, and ordinary citizens who have made a difference.

  • Technological Slavery

    Technological Slavery
    Theodore J. Kaczynski

    Feral House does not support or justify Kaczynski's crimes, nor does the author receive royalties or compensation for this book.

  • The ABC of Anarchism

    The ABC of Anarchism
    Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman

    First published in 1929, this book by one of the most gifted writers for the anarchist movement answers some of the charges made against it and presents the case for communist anarchism clearly and intelligently.

  • The Middle Works 1899 1924

    The Middle Works, 1899-1924
    John Dewey

    Spanning the crucial years of Dewey's move from the University of Chicago to Columbia University, Volume 3 col­lects thirty-six essays and reviews pub­lished at the very time Dewey deter­mined that his professional future would lie in …

  • The Later Works of John Dewey 1925 1953

    The Later Works of John Dewey, 1925 – 1953
    John Dewey, Jo Ann Boydston, Sidney Ratner

    Except for Dewey's and James H. Tufts' 1932 Ethics (Volume 7 of The Later Works), this volume brings together Dewey's writings for 1931–1932.

  • O desafio e o fardo do tempo hist rico

    O desafio e o fardo do tempo histórico
    István Mészáros

    Em seu livro O desafio e o fardo do tempo histórico, o filósofo húngaro destrincha o caráter imperativo e destrutivo das positivações atuais do capital e aprofunda a análise do significado histórico de sua crise estrutural à luz de …

  • For the Sake of Humanity

    For the Sake of Humanity
    Alan Andrew Stephens, Raphael Walden

    All these qualities are also to be found in this collection of essays by his friends and admirers, to produce a truly fascinating book, with new insights into many topics, and a number of chapters destined to become classics in their fields …

  • Un Europa possibile

    Un’Europa possibile
    Bruno Amoroso, Jesper Jespersen

    Bruno Amoroso e Jesper Jespersen ricostruiscono le fasi di questa distruzione, attuata dalla Troika con il suo piano di apartheid globale e di riduzione della varietà delle società europee a «un mercato, una moneta».

  • Elecciones en M xico

    Elecciones en México.
    Arturo Alvarado Mendoza

    La presente publicación es el resultado de un esfuerzo por analizar los procesos electorales mexicanos de 2012 y 2013 a partir de perspectivas plurales que engloban diversos aspectos nodales.

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