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  • The World Trade Organization A Very Short Introduction

    The World Trade Organization: A Very Short Introduction
    Amrita Narlikar

    This introduction will provide a timely and carefully considered explanation of what the World Trade Organization is, what it does, and how it goes about executing its tasks.

  • Hybrid Forms of Peace

    Hybrid Forms of Peace
    Oliver P. Richmond, Audra Mitchell

    This book examines the role of everyday action in accepting, resisting and reshaping interventions, and the unique forms of peace that emerge from the interactions between local and international actors.

  • The Book of the Body Politic

    The Book of the Body Politic
    Christine de Pizan

    She is considered to be France's first female professional writer. This was the first translation into modern English of Christine de Pizan's major political work, The Book of the Body Politic.

  • Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher
    John Blundell

    This book is John Blundell's personal portrait of Margaret Thatcher, the woman who was the pivotal point of the rescue of a country, a woman who woke up her nation and made it once again a world leader.

  • Mobilizing Interest Groups in America

    Mobilizing Interest Groups in America
    Jack L. Walker

    A major study of interest groups in America

  • Derecha e izquierda

    Derecha e izquierda
    Norberto Bobbio

    Uno de los títulos más emblemáticos del catálogo de Taurus, Derecha e izquierda, un auténtico best-seller del pensamiento político. ¿Existen aún la izquierda y la derecha?

  • Case Study Research Methods

    Case Study Research Methods
    Bill Gillham

    Drawing on his vast experience of teaching and mentoring researchers, Bill Gillham here provides a comprehensive guide to this popular method of research.Using real-life examples throughout, Case Study Research Methods guides the reader …

  • Governance A Very Short Introduction

    Governance: A Very Short Introduction
    Mark Bevir

    In this Very Short Introduction, Mark Bevir explores the main theories of governance and considers their impact on ideas of governance in the corporate, public, and global arenas.

  • The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

    The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
    Stephen Coleman, Jay G. Blumler

    This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.

  • Hunger and Public Action

    Hunger and Public Action
    Jean Drèze, Amartya Sen

    This book analyses the role of public action in solving the problem of hunger in the modern world and is divided into four parts: Hunger in the modern world, Famines, Undernutrition and deprivation, and Hunger and public action.

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