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  • Nature s Government

    Nature’s Government
    Richard Harry Drayton

    At the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, the rise of which throughout the nineteenth century is a central theme of this book, a pioneering scientific institution was added to a spectacular ornamental garden.

  • Adjustment and Social Sector Restructuring

    Adjustment and Social Sector Restructuring
    Jessica M. Vivian, European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

    This volume examines the goals, assumptions, impacts and possible long-term outcomes of social policy trends in developing countries.

  • Varieties of Muslim Experience

    Varieties of Muslim Experience
    Lawrence Rosen

    In Varieties of Muslim Experience, anthropologist Lawrence Rosen explores aspects of Arab Muslim life that are, at first glance, perplexing to Westerners.

  • Migration Regionalization Citizenship

    Migration, Regionalization, Citizenship
    Katja Sarkowsky, Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Sabine Schwarze

    From the perspectives of the political sciences as well as literature and language studies, this volume looks comparatively at Canadian and European constellations of cultural and linguistic diversity.

  • Administrative Law for Public Managers

    Administrative Law for Public Managers
    David H Rosenbloom

    This textbook focuses on essentials of administrative law for public managers and its broad, complex, and integral role in governance.

  • The Labour Party Nationalism and Internationalism 1939 1951

    The Labour Party, Nationalism and Internationalism, 1939-1951
    R. M. Douglas

    This book traces how the British democratic left set about the task of defining the principles of a radically new international system for the post-war world.

  • Dismantling the Welfare State

    Dismantling the Welfare State?
    Paul Pierson

    This book offers a careful examination of the politics of social policy in an era of austerity and conservative governance.

  • Policy Office Or Votes

    Policy, Office, Or Votes?
    Wolfgang C. Müller, Kaare Strøm

    This book examines the behavior of political parties in situations where they experience conflict between two or more important objectives.

  • Weak Links

    Weak Links
    Stewart Patrick

    However, as this book shows, our assumptions about the threats posed by failed and failing states are based on false premises.

  • Manifesto of the Communist Party

    Manifesto of the Communist Party
    Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

    Marx and Engels's critique of capitalism and its deleterious effect on all aspects of life, from the increasing rift between the classes to the destruction of the nuclear family, has proven remarkably prescient.

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