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  • Multi Stakeholder Governance and the Internet Governance Forum

    Multi-Stakeholder Governance and the Internet Governance Forum
    Jeremy Malcolm

    In this book, Jeremy Malcolm examines the new model of multi-stakeholder governance for the Internet regime that the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) represents.

  • When People Come First

    When People Come First
    João Biehl, Adriana Petryna

    The book demonstrates the crucial role of ethnography as an empirical lantern in global health, arguing for a more comprehensive, people-centered approach.

  • Vulnerability Exploitation and Migrants

    Vulnerability, Exploitation and Migrants
    Gary Craig, Louise Waite, Hannah Lewis, Klara Skrivankova

    This book explores the lives of the growing numbers of severely exploited labourers in the world today, questioning how we can respond to such globalized patterns of extreme inequality.

  • Making People Illegal

    Making People Illegal
    Catherine Dauvergne

    Making People Illegal evaluates why migration law in the twenty-first century is markedly different from even the recent past, and argues that this is a harbinger of paradigm shift in the rule of law."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Eurafrica

    Peo Hansen, Stefan Jonsson

    The book will recover a critical conception of the nexus between Europe and Africa – a relationship of significance across the humanities and social sciences.

  • When Globalization Fails

    When Globalization Fails
    James Macdonald

    Taking this question as its starting point, James Macdonald's When Globalization Fails offers a rich, original account of war, peace, and trade in the twentieth century—and a cautionary tale for the twenty-first.

  • Blood and Fire

    Blood and Fire
    Sharryn Kasmir, August Carbonella

    The contributors to this volume highlight the growing disconnect between labor struggles and the advancement of the greater common good, a phenomenon that has grown since the 1980s.

  • Challenges Of Globalization

    Challenges Of Globalization
    Alfred Pfaller, Marika Lerch

    The chapters deal with two major issues: first, the economic, societal, ecological, and political consequences of globalization, including – but also going beyond – the identification of globalization's "winners and losers" worldwide; and …

  • On the Rule of Law

    On the Rule of Law
    Brian Z. Tamanaha

    This 2004 book explores the history, politics, and theory surrounding the rule of law ideal, beginning with classical Greek and Roman ideas, elaborating on medieval contributions to the rule of law, and articulating the role played by the …

  • The Globalization Paradox

    The Globalization Paradox
    Dani Rodrik

    What could be done about them?Dani Rodrik examines the back-story from its seventeenth-century origins through the milestones of the gold standard, the Bretton Woods Agreement, and the Washington Consensus, to the present day.

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