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  • The Breakup of Yugoslavia and Its Aftermath

    The Breakup of Yugoslavia and Its Aftermath
    Carole Rogel

    Rogel examines the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, the war in Bosnia, the peace settlement, and the problems that continue to exist in Bosnia and Serbia today.

  • Security Strategy and Critical Theory

    Security, Strategy, and Critical Theory
    Richard Wyn Jones

    Laying out the conceptual foundations of critical security studies, the author of this book uses the ideas of the Frankfurt School to advance critical thought about security, strategy, and the relationship between the theory and practice of …

  • Hybrid Forms of Peace

    Hybrid Forms of Peace
    Oliver P. Richmond, Audra Mitchell

    This book examines the role of everyday action in accepting, resisting and reshaping interventions, and the unique forms of peace that emerge from the interactions between local and international actors.

  • Uniting States

    Uniting States
    Joseph M. Parent

    What causes states to politically unify voluntarily? This text develops a realist explanation of voluntary union and argues that unions are the balancing coalitions of last resort.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy

    The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy
    Barry R. Weingast, Donald Wittman

    This handbook views political economy as a synthesis of the various strands of social science, treating it as the methodology of economics applied to the analysis of political behaviour and institutions.

  • The Idea of Socialism

    The Idea of Socialism
    Axel Honneth

    The Idea of Socialism was awarded the Bruno Kreisky Prize for the Political Book of 2015.

  • The Psychology of Socialism

    The Psychology of Socialism
    Gustave Le Bon

    The Psychology of Socialism was first published in 1899 in a period of crisis for French democracy.

  • Case Study Research Methods

    Case Study Research Methods
    Bill Gillham

    Drawing on his vast experience of teaching and mentoring researchers, Bill Gillham here provides a comprehensive guide to this popular method of research.Using real-life examples throughout, Case Study Research Methods guides the reader …

  • War Institutions and Social Change in the Middle East

    War, Institutions, and Social Change in the Middle East
    Joint Committee on the Near and Middle East

    A fresh look at the effects of war on state and society in the Middle East, challenging traditional assumptions based on European experience. The authors argue that war has destabilized Middle Eastern states and eroded national cohesion.

  • The Basic Minimum

    The Basic Minimum
    Dale Dorsey

    Offers a sustained defense of the claim that the basic social minimum should be characterized in terms of human welfare.

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