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  • World System History

    World System History
    Robert Allen Denemark

    A vital overview of perspective on the history of the world system for all graduates and researchers in a variety of fields such as international political economy, world history and sociology.

  • What was History

    What was History?
    Anthony Grafton

    One of the world's leading cultural historians on writing about history in early modern Europe.

  • Benjamin s Library

    Benjamin’s Library
    Jane O. Newman

    In Benjamin's Library, Jane O. Newman offers, for the first time in any language, a reading of Walter Benjamin's notoriously opaque work, Origin of the German Tragic Drama, that systematically attends to its place in discussions of the …

  • Laclau and Mouffe

    Laclau and Mouffe
    Anna Marie Smith

    Laclau and Mouffe: The Radical Democratic Imaginaryprovides both a much needed overview of Laclau and Mouffe's thinking and how that thinking may be challenged and developed.

  • Handbook of Historical Sociology

    Handbook of Historical Sociology
    Gerard Delanty, Engin F Isin

    This Handbook consists of 26 chapters on historical sociology. Part One is devoted to Foundations, Part Two moves on to consider major approaches and Part Three is devoted to the major themes in historical sociology.

  • Media and the Path to Peace

    Media and the Path to Peace
    Gadi Wolfsfeld

    This is the first book to examine in detail the roles that the news media can play in an ongoing peace process. Gadi Wolfsfeld explains how the press's role in such processes varies over time and political circumstance.

  • Cosmopolitan Power in International Relations

    Cosmopolitan Power in International Relations
    Giulio M. Gallarotti

    How can nations optimize their power in the modern world system?

  • New Forms of Governing

    New Forms of Governing
    P. Triantafillou

    Triantafillou analyzes the changing ways of governing the public sector and the ways in which public organizations have become the target of interventions seeking to improve their efficiency and quality.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy

    The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy
    Barry R. Weingast, Donald Wittman

    This handbook views political economy as a synthesis of the various strands of social science, treating it as the methodology of economics applied to the analysis of political behaviour and institutions.

  • Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Han Fei

    Dao Companion to the Philosophy of Han Fei
    Paul Goldin

    This edited volume on the thinker, his views on politics and philosophy, and the tensions of his relations with Confucianism (which he derided) is the first of its kind in English.

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