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  • Humanizing Our Global Order

    Humanizing Our Global Order
    Ivan L. Head, Obiora Chinedu Okafor, Obijiofor Aginam

    Written in honour of Ivan Head, foreign affairs advisor to former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, past president of Canada's International Development Research Centre, and professor emeritus of International law at the University of British …

  • Security Strategy and Critical Theory

    Security, Strategy, and Critical Theory
    Richard Wyn Jones

    Laying out the conceptual foundations of critical security studies, the author of this book uses the ideas of the Frankfurt School to advance critical thought about security, strategy, and the relationship between the theory and practice of …

  • Hybrid Forms of Peace

    Hybrid Forms of Peace
    Oliver P. Richmond, Audra Mitchell

    This book examines the role of everyday action in accepting, resisting and reshaping interventions, and the unique forms of peace that emerge from the interactions between local and international actors.

  • Arctic Security in an Age of Climate Change

    Arctic Security in an Age of Climate Change
    James Kraska

    This book examines Arctic defense policy and military security from the perspective of all eight Arctic states.

  • Uniting States

    Uniting States
    Joseph M. Parent

    What causes states to politically unify voluntarily? This text develops a realist explanation of voluntary union and argues that unions are the balancing coalitions of last resort.

  • European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights

    European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights
    Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou

    The most comprehensive and critical analysis of the application of European consensus by the European Court of Human Rights.

  • International Relations Music and Diplomacy

    International Relations, Music and Diplomacy
    Frédéric Ramel, Cécile Prévost-Thomas

    This volume explores the interrelation of international relations, music, and diplomacy from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • The Gentle Civilizer of Nations

    The Gentle Civilizer of Nations
    Martti Koskenniemi

    His discussion of legal and political realism at American law schools ends in a critique of post-1960 'instrumentalism'. This book provides a unique reflection on the possibility of critical international law today.

  • A History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

    A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
    Mark A. Tessler

    Discusses the early history of Jews and Arabs and traces the emergence and history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the early twentieth century to the beginning of peace negotiations in the early 1990s Mark Tessler's timely, …

  • Europe s Intellectuals and the Cold War

    Europe’s Intellectuals and the Cold War
    Nancy Jachec

    Here, in the first complete history of the organization, Nancy Jachec demonstrates the profound influence its members exercised during the signing of the Helsinki Accords of 1975.

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