Books in category Political Science – NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

  • Global Good Samaritans

    Global Good Samaritans
    Alison Brysk

    Global Good Samaritans looks at the reasons why and how some states promote human rights internationally, arguing that humanitarian internationalism is more than episodic altruism–it is a pattern of persistent principled politics.

  • How NGOs React

    How NGOs React
    Iveta Silova, Gita Steiner-Khamsi

    The unique combination of perspectives from Western as well as Eastern scholars based in the region makes this collection an essential retrospective on key processes involved in the transformation of closed societies into open and free ones …

  • The African Union

    The African Union
    Samuel M. Makinda, F. Wafula Okumu

    A comprehensive examination of the work of the African Union (AU), with special emphasis on its capacity to meet the challenges of building and sustaining governance institutions and security mechanisms.

  • Vale

    Adrian H. Krieg

    Krieg discusses the most secretive organization in the world, the Illuminati and the uncomfortable relationship between Illuminism, Zionism and communism.

  • UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation

    UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Innovation, Universities & Skills Committee

    This report, from the Innovation, Universities & Skills Committee, examines the establishment of the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation, to be located in central London, next to the British Library.

  • El ministeri sacerdotal a C├ ritas

    El ministeri sacerdotal a Càritas
    Vicente Altaba Gargallo

    Este documento que ofrecemos desde Cáritas Española recoge una reflexión sobre el ministerio de la caridad en la vida del sacerdote, y más concretamente sobre la importancia y tarea del ministerio sacerdotal en Cáritas.

  • Penitentiary Questions

    Penitentiary Questions
    Conseil de l’Europe

    This book offers an overview of relevant Council of Europe standards on prison matters as developed in binding texts such as conventions and protocols, As well as Committee of Ministers recommendations and resolutions. it also includes …

  • Gun Crusaders

    Gun Crusaders
    Scott Melzer

    Uses National Rifle Association materials, meetings, leader speeches, and interviews with NRA members to examine how the organization perceives threats to gun rights as an attack in a broad culture war that will ultimately lead to gun …

  • A Public Charity

    A Public Charity
    Mary L. Mapes

    Using Indianapolis as its focus, this book explores the relationship between religion and social welfare.

  • Collaborative Grantseeking A Guide to Designing Projects Leading Partners and Persuading Sponsors

    Collaborative Grantseeking: A Guide to Designing Projects, Leading Partners, and Persuading Sponsors
    Jeremy T. Miner, Lynn E. Miner, Jerry Griffith

    This book offers a detailed analysis of the strategies and methodologies of successful collaborative grant writing, as well as practical guidance on the interpersonal leadership requirements of managing grantseeking projects. ÔÇó Four …

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