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  • Cultural routes management from theory to practice

    Cultural routes management: from theory to practice
    Council of Europe

    Increasingly, other organisations, such as the United Nations World Tourism Organization, are joining this project. This handbook was funded by the third European Commission/Council of Europe Joint Programme on Cultural Routes.

  • Freedom from Poverty

    Freedom from Poverty
    Daniel P.L. Chong

    This book provides valuable concepts to human rights practitioners, political scientists, antipoverty advocates, and leaders who are serious about ending widespread privation and disease.

  • AFL CIO s Secret War against Developing Country Workers

    AFL-CIO’s Secret War against Developing Country Workers
    Kim Scipes

    The principles of trade unionism are based on working people acting together in solidarity with each other, to improve wages, working conditions, and life for themselves and all others.

  • Conservative Brain Trust

    Conservative Brain Trust
    Howard J. Wiarda

    This is a wide-ranging review of the Washington think tank world, focused particularly on AEI.

  • Good Cop Bad Cop

    Good Cop/Bad Cop
    Thomas Lyon

    For students of the social sciences and NGO practitioners, this book takes an important step in addressing an urgent need for objective study of NGO operations and their effectiveness.

  • Who Speaks for Hispanics

    Who Speaks for Hispanics?
    Deirdre Martinez

    Examines the policy stances of two major Hispanic interest groups.

  • Seeds of Change

    Seeds of Change
    John Atlas

    "Seeds of Change is the definitive book on one of the most effective grassroots organizations of low-income Americans."Robert Kuttner —

  • Gouvernance et appropriation locale du dà veloppement

    Gouvernance et appropriation locale du développement
    Jacques Fisette, Marc Raffinot

    La gouvernance représente l'une des plus importantes innovations conceptuelles des quinze dernières années dans le discours de l'aide au développement.

  • Law Morality and International Armed Intervention

    Law, Morality, and International Armed Intervention
    Mourtada Deme

    No enlightened person would disagree with the values of peace, democracy, human rights, and economic development. This book, however, explores whether these goals be pursued within the current framework or outside it.

  • Resource Mobilization in Gulen Inspired Hizmet

    Resource Mobilization in Gulen-Inspired Hizmet
    Sanaa El-Banna

    This scholarly book presents a case study of some of the London-based work of a social movement known as Hizmet, or the Gulen Movement.

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