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  • El poder

    El poder

    Fruto de un trabajo común de investigación, este volumen intenta ofrecer una mirada de conjunto y, al mismo tiempo, un punto de vista crítico sobre la historia del pensamiento político moderno y contemporáneo, poniendo en el centro el …

  • Die Nacht die Deutschland ver nderte

    Die Nacht, die Deutschland veränderte
    Gerhard Voogt, Christian Wiermer

    Erstmals wird in dem Buch Die Nacht, die Deutschland veränderte dargestellt, wie groß das Versagen des Staates tatsächlich war – und welche Folgen das nach sich zieht: Für die Opfer, die Täter, für ein ganzes Land.

  •   ص

    عبد الكريم الحسني

    كتاب " الصهيونية : الغرب والمقدس والسياسة " للكاتب والباحث " عبد الكريم الحسني " يقع في 832 صفحة من القطع الكبير، وينقسم إلى 20 فصلاً …

  • Civic Discourse

    Civic Discourse
    Michael H. Prosser, K. S. Sitaram

    Presents thought provoking chapters on subjects of vital importance in our intercultural and international arena.

  • Fishermen Slaves

    Fishermen Slaves
    The Associated Press

    Rooted in religion, discrimination and poverty, AP journalists unveil a world of desperation and profit, often with little hope of escape. These are the stories of the oppressed around the world as told through AP reports and photographs.

  • Writing Classified and Unclassified Papers for National Security

    Writing Classified and Unclassified Papers for National Security
    James S. Major

    Writing Classified and Unclassified Papers for National Security is designed to serve as a style guide for those in the intelligence profession and for those aspiring to that career and pursuing studies in intelligence, national security, …

  • Politik Etnik

    Politik Etnik
    Sofyan Sjaf

    Gejala ketimpangan etnisitas,praktik dominasi bias etnik (kekuasaan simbolik, ekonomi,dan politik),dan lain sebagainya,merupakan ancaman sekaligus tantangan bersama bagi kita untuk memperlakukan politik ldentltas dalam arena ekonoml polltlk …

  • The Territories of Indonesia

    The Territories of Indonesia
    Iem Brown

    A new addition to Europa's popular 'Territories of the World' series, The Territories of Indonesia provides invaluable information on this diverse country.

  • Disintegrating Indonesia

    Disintegrating Indonesia?
    Tim Huxley

    Since the collapse of President Suharto's New Order regime in 1998 and the international intervention in East Timor in 1999, there has been much speculation in South-east Asia and the West over whether Indonesia – weakened by economic …

  • Lawson Politica Sacra Et Civilis

    Lawson: Politica Sacra Et Civilis
    George Lawson, Conal Condren

    This new modern edition is based on, and corrects the first printed editions of 1660 and 1689, and contains an extensive introduction and notes designed to make this significant work accessible to both students and specialists.

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