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  • Representations Targets and Attitudes

    Representations, Targets, and Attitudes
    Robert Cummins

    Distinguished philosopher of mind Robert Cummins looks at the familiar problems of representation theory (what information is represented in the mind, what form mental representation takes, how representational schemes are implemented in …

  • The Unity of Mind Brain and World

    The Unity of Mind, Brain and World
    Alfredo Pereira, Jr, Dietrich Lehmann

    This book on consciousness spans the relation of individuals with the world and the individual's constitution at different organizational levels.

  • Affect Cognition and Change

    Affect, Cognition, and Change
    John D. Teasdale, Philip J. Barnard

    This text, a collaboration between a clinical psychologist and a cognitive psychologist, offers a cognitive account of depression.

  • Prospective Memory

    Prospective Memory
    Matthias Kliegel, Mark A. McDaniel

    Offers a guide to literature on the topic of prospective memory. This book considers directions for research.

  • Mental Reality

    Mental Reality
    Galen Strawson

    In Mental Reality, Galen Strawson argues that much contemporary philosophy of mind gives undue primacy of place to publicly observable phenomena, nonmental phenomena, and behavioral phenomena (understood as publicly observable phenomena) in …

  • The Child as Thinker

    The Child as Thinker
    Sara Meadows

    This second edition of The Child as Thinker has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide an informed and accessible overview of the varied and extensive literature on children's cognition.

  • Aprendizaje y estructuras del conocimiento

    Aprendizaje y estructuras del conocimiento
    Bärbel Inhelder, Hermine Sinclair, Magali Bovet

    Faltaba estudiar la dinámica del progreso del conocimiento como lo hace y da a conocer INHELDER -íntima colabora del famoso profesor- en este libro.

  • Cognitive Developmental Change

    Cognitive Developmental Change
    Andreas Demetriou, Athanassios Raftopoulos

    The contributors to the volume, all internationally respected experts, were asked when writing to consider three main aspects of cognitive change.

  • Memory and Amnesia

    Memory and Amnesia
    Alan J. Parkin

    Provides a clear and comprehensive account of amnesia set in the context of our understanding of how normal memory operates.

  • Cognitive Psychology

    Cognitive Psychology
    Michael W. Eysenck, Mark T. Keane

    The textbook of choice for students and lecturers in the field, this fifth edition has been substantially updated and restructured in line with new developments in cognitive psychology.

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