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  • Cerebral Laterality

    Cerebral Laterality
    Frederick L. Kitterle

    This book captures some of the major developments in the field of cerebral laterality research of the last five years.

  • Understanding Consumer Decision Making

    Understanding Consumer Decision Making
    Thomas J. Reynolds, Jerry C. Olson

    The goal of this book is to help business managers and academic researchers understand the means-end perspective and the methods by which it is used, and to demonstrate how to use the means-end approach to develop better marketing and …

  • Thought and Feeling

    Thought and Feeling
    Harvey London, Richard E. Nisbett

    This book is divided into five sections, each of which elucidates and extends these theoretical conceptions. Part 1 provides a historical background and analytical framework for the rest of the book.

  • The Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage and Identity

    The Ashgate Research Companion to Heritage and Identity
    Brian J. Graham, Peter Howard

    This Research Companion brings together a team of leading experts to provide a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the key aspects of heritage and identity.

  • An Investigation of the Laws of Thought

    An Investigation of the Laws of Thought
    George Boole

    A timeless introduction to the field and a landmark in symbolic logic, showing that classical logic can be treated algebraically.

  • Cultures of Vision

    Cultures of Vision
    Ron Burnett

    "This is a very strong, thought-provoking [volume]… "Â — George Marcus As home photographs shift from the print format to digital technology and as video moves from the television screen to multimedia, it is crucial to develop new …

  • The Unity of Mind Brain and World

    The Unity of Mind, Brain and World
    Alfredo Pereira, Jr, Dietrich Lehmann

    This book on consciousness spans the relation of individuals with the world and the individual's constitution at different organizational levels.

  • Affect Cognition and Change

    Affect, Cognition, and Change
    John D. Teasdale, Philip J. Barnard

    This text, a collaboration between a clinical psychologist and a cognitive psychologist, offers a cognitive account of depression.

  • Prospective Memory

    Prospective Memory
    Matthias Kliegel, Mark A. McDaniel

    Offers a guide to literature on the topic of prospective memory. This book considers directions for research.

  • Mental Reality

    Mental Reality
    Galen Strawson

    In Mental Reality, Galen Strawson argues that much contemporary philosophy of mind gives undue primacy of place to publicly observable phenomena, nonmental phenomena, and behavioral phenomena (understood as publicly observable phenomena) in …

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